Is this place dead?
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Is this place dead?

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I'm cleaning out my bookmarks and so I'm routinely going through and seeing which forums I go to are dead. I'm also finding out which forums I will be missed at if I leave. So, is this place dead? Will this forum ever make a come back? And if I were to leave this forum, would the community miss me?

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My goodness Solace, why would you think such a thing? I visit the SSC daily and always ready to welcome new members to the forum. So don't go running off yet. I do hope you will stay as it is the people on the forum who make it what it is. 🙂

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Solace wrote:
So, is this place dead?

This is almost comical to me. If you have read some of the posts in the admin area I have been commenting how the community is growing and there is a lot of activity and great exchanges in thoughts going on. There is a lot of devs that participate in the forums and have become regulars of the forums as well.

Solace wrote:
Will this forum ever make a come back?

Doesn't apply to SSC 🙂

Solace wrote:
And if I were to leave this forum, would the community miss me?

This is a very pointed community that is a great interest to some and maybe a bore to others. If this gaming genre isn't your cup of tea then that is fine, we will not hunt you down 🙂 It all comes down to do you or do you not like space/scifi based games? If you do, then in staying might be beneficial. If you don't then this community isn't for you and just let me know and I will remove your account.

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The forum has always been pretty small. I will say that it is pretty active for a genre that has been in comercial hibernation for the last few years. Seems to be doing pretty well to me. I check in maybe once a week unless I have an ongoing discussion, the beauty of the SSC, is that much like the space sims we love, it will always be here, waiting for us to come back. 😀

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Could you be SSC's first troll? 😉

But seriously though, the forum is very active and many people post here daily. Many devs update info on their games here quite requenly too.