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Please upvote my suggestion to Microsoft for a 4 joystick controller

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I submitted a feedback to Microsoft. They've been super responsive in the past. I don't know, so I can't say for sure, but I have this experience. 

I was using an all in one computer with a tv as well. I wanted to drive like a tablet, but since the tv was not touch, I could not mouse over to the second screen without a physical mouse, or using a mirror screen, which was pointless. I needed to have extended mode, but still use the touch screen of the allinone to mouse. So, I submitted a feature request for a two button touchpad that can pop up just like the keyboard does, and a short while later, you now have that option in windows. It's basically useless on one screen, but once you use the extended screen if you just really want to use the touchpad and not have any extra parts, you can. So, I can't take credit for that feature, but I did submit the feedback, and now it's there. WEll, the timing is so good, I can only imagine that they actually took the feedback and made a feature, so it works for sure, and I now have another feature request that would really help me out if I could just have the feature. 


Basically, I want them to just go right ahead and put 4 joystick controllers up for sale. I made a feedback, and here's the link.


if you go there, and you upvote the request, then perhaps 3d inertial games without inertial will be game controller friendly and become more popular. (who doesn't want inertial TIE fighter?) I don't know where else to go to find a non-single-game-specific group, so I'm just going to spout, basically. 

anyway, thanks!! 


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