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SCS Blood Drive 2011

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Here's something I'd like to start doing annually on the forums I go to. The idea is to have a blood drive every year. During this blood drive we would like to endorse for members of our community, to take a little bit of their time out and donate blood atleast once. You can't take it with you, so why not try and do some good? So please, give blood and help save lives! There are several benefits to donating your blood:

-You're helping save lives.

-Your blood will be screened for diseases, including STDs.

-You get a free physical health examination.

-Your iron levels will be lowered.

-Reduce your risk for cancer.

-Reduce your risk for heart attack.

-Donating replenishes your blood supply, with new, healthy blood.

You have to be atleast atleast 17 (16 with parental permission) years of age or older and weigh atleast 110 pounds in order to give blood in the United States. Unfortunately, this may exclude some of our 13-15 year old members, as well as some of our slimmer members. Homosexual individuals are also not allowed to give blood. Individuals over the age of 75, must have written permission from a physician in order to donate blood. Individuals who take any of these medications will also be ineligible to donate: Accutune, Proscar, Avodart, Soriatane, Insulin, Tegison, Propecia.

You can give blood at local blood donor events that your city may be having, your local American Red Cross center, or other blood donation centers. If you don't know where any blood donation centers are, you can always try your local hospital. Our community's blood drive is brought to you by Post To Save Lives, a not-for-profit organization that utilizes the internet to help our world and the people in it:

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I'll be working at the local blood drive with my Cub Scouts, its always a good idea to give.

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How does giving blood reduce your risk of cancer?


-Reduce your risk for cancer.

-Reduce your risk for heart attack.