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Star Trek the Muvizu Generation

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It's time for Star Trek - The Muvizu Generation!

Just type 'Muvizu' into YouTube and it also turns up the Ghost House series (very funny - recommended!) and other animated Muvizu shorts, Beware the Pie and Agent Snuff etc shows just what's possible using Muvizu.

I'm sure there's some hidden creative talent right here on Space Sim Central, the world needs more funny Sci-Fi to make us laugh. FYI if you've never heard of Muvizu then read on, believe me it's awesome!

Muvizu is a free 3D animation software that allows you to create free 3D animation movies. If you want to create animations then you need expensive software and equipment, but Muvizu is a completely free 3D animation software that is easy to use and very simple. The users do not need special training for using the application and it can be used with much ease.

Muvizu gives you extremely high quality 3D animation movies, the software is very easy to handle, as you get pre-defined movie gallery that you can use and edit according to your specifications. You can perform complex character animations with lip-sync dialogues animations and actions sequence. The created movies and animations may be uploaded in YouTube for all to see.

The website is very quick and you can create beautiful animations within an hour using helpful set of tools for animation movies provided by the application. The user has huge range of tools and editing options, which makes it easy for them to create meaningful animation movies with same professional touch, as you would have achieved with other application in the same genre.

The application gives you ease of use and keeps you free from going into technicalities, which you might need while creating animated movies. You do not require knowledge about the usual things associated with 3D animation such as modeling, meshes, rendering or ray tracing. Thus the users can concentrate on the story telling activity which they want to convey through the movie, and the technical part can be handled with Muvizu.

The animations you create with Muvizu are more near to real life characters and real movements. The animation software gives life to your cartoon sketches. There is also the facility to import certain types of object from other programs and as Muvizu evolves, this option will be expanded.

The application is so easy that even a 13 year old kid can successfully use the application and create amazing looking 3D animation movies using the tool set provided by Muvizu. You can direct the animation characters rather than planning to animate them. You can give directions like-”Give me anger”, “Give me joy”, “Give me fear”.

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That is pretty good and I never knew that Muvizu existed. I might try to play around with this and see what I can make, I watched some of the tutorials and it seems fairly straight forward. Thanks for posting this.