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Just looking for tutorials

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I gotta start writing a space and space flight simulator and just need tutorials on coding a realistic one. Im also writing my own operating system and need tutorials on how to write Pioneer from the ground up so I can either include support for the software in my OS or write a port.


If you code physics, consider coding some plasma rocket designing physics, and consider making your universe scientifically accurate. like with distances and planet size and gravity etcetera. the rockets are easy to build


for the earth in your game, if you want I can write in accurate weather and temperature data for earth. And in doing so ill give you turbulence for your in atmosphere flights. and make it so you have to wait to launch your rockets.


so if your interested just start posting tutorials on every line of code in your game and everything so that everyone can help develop it.


Yes I understand this is a game, but you could turn it into a great and realistic game which might help it out. and help it gain popularity.


but yeah tutorials on writing a ultra realistic flight simulator/game would be nice and would help the community.


have fun

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I have tried to find stuff like this but to be honest where is the money for someone to document this (especially in the detail needed to understand)? Yeah it would help others get started but I guess you could do that now by just grabbing all the source code for pioneer and start to dissect it piece by piece until you figure out how the developers got it going. I have seen a few small videos on Youtube that touch on space game development but its using UDK or Unity and of course using those tools you skip over a lot of code writing because the engine does do a lot for you. I personally have always wanted to create a game but lack the one core thing.... time 🙂