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Ship Models

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Hey everyone, good to be here!!

I'm currently working on a 3D space sim and have been looking for a modeler or some models to use in my project. If I had my way, I'd hire on SolCommand for my project... as his models are perfect for the game, but I'd need some of them textured 🙁 and he seems to have disappeared!

Does anyone know of someone or somewhere that could aid my quest for 3D ship models?

Love the site btw, I plan on sticking around. Seems like a very friendly and fun community 😀

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Hey m8.

Well, I just came back today so message me if you've got something that needs to be done. I still have loads of old projects I need to finish but I'll still have a look over yours.

See you.

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@SolCommand, Lovely space stations and ships. Great job!

I'll let you know if we use them. No revenue so far, but I'll be glad to credit your work.