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Just played the demo

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Ok so The game it self is still having work done too it The demo looks Ok and plays great Not the same controls as I'm use to but alot of the Dog fight action I'm looking for Graphics ant that good but with them still doing work on them I'm hoping for something great! but what I'v seen and played of it i like very much 🙂 Rate it 7.5 out 10 <-due to it been a demo and Unfinished Looking for to the end result 🙂

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Yeah the demo is fun but it is about 2yrs old now. DBS should be putting out a MP demo soon and that will have all the updated engine features/tweaks. I would watch the trailer here: heresy-war-f11/new-heresy-war-trailer-t547.html to get an idea of the game look/feel.