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[Sticky] IWar-2 Patches

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Here are all of the patches I can find for use with Independence War 2:

Download: EoC Patch vF14.6

Patch Notes: (There is more info in the archive)


10 October 2001

EOC GERMAN LANGUAGE : Some features from a future graphics upgrade for the game accidentally made it into the latest patch. This didn't cause any problems when the patch was tested, but it seems that on some user's setups it can cause problems.

To fix it simply delete the following folder from the game:


This will disable the feature that's causing the problem.

Particle Systems apologises for the inconvenience this has caused

TERRAFORM A PLANET. You may still have problems because, although you have upgraded to F14.6, this does not alter the save game file. And if you were playing this mission you may still have difficulties.

To solve this. Open your autosave game file (backup first), with a hex editor (there's a couple on the Mod Tools Download page). WinVi is sufficient. Open the autosave.sav file and do a search for the name Somera in the save file, as you find each entry, change it to Romera i.e. change the S to R. Do this until there are no more references to Somera. Then save

You should now be able to complete this mission.

Download: Jackson Yard Patch

Patch Notes: (There is more info in the archive)


Jackson Yard Patch - 16 November 2001

This patch fixes a specific problem in Act 2 of Edge Of Chaos, where a character called Frederick Jackson at a station called Jackson's Yard will not speak to you, which can prevent progress through the game.

The patch does not affect any other part of the game, and does not change the game's version number.

If you don't have this problem you do not need this patch!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you have installed the latest patch (version F14.6) before this one. This patch is not supported by Infogrames or Particle Systems.