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MOD: Aerospace Simulation Project

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Here is a nice mod for I-War2 called AeroSpace Simulation Project. That was created by Galaxy Commander Phoenix Wolf of PSI Core Inc. Checkout there website here:

The Aerospace Mod replaces all of Edge of Chaos starships, only space objects, containers, and starbases remains from the original EOC install. About 30 new accuretely detailed Battlespace ((C) by Wizkids) fighters, dropships and jumpships will be installed with new more deadly weapons. Also With the pack comes a new universe; the periphery section of the Inner Sphere (the World of Battletech), outward of the Ghostbear Dominion. Of course all of the factions are replaced.


In this new environment you will pose as a fighter of the Clan Ghost Bear, tasked to protect the many transport ships of the Ghost Bears, carrying civilians and supplies from the Clan Space to the Ghost Bear Dominion. There are allies like the Diamond Shark, but ferocious enemies want to destroy you and your fellow clansmen. Comstar, the Draconis Combine and the so called new Star League is waiting for you...From the abandoned former SLDF base, (recently reactivated and named Ursa Major) you will commit space-strikes agains all hostile territories.

There is more info on the core mod in the Readme.txt in the mods resource directory.


Download package from the iwar2 directory in the file area.

Installation: (Original Installation.txt is in the asp archive)

1. Install EOC
2. Install EoC Patch Ver F14.6 and Jackson Yard Patch.
3. In your EOC install directory locate the 'resource' and 'saves' folders and rename them to 'resource2' and 'saves2'.
4. Download and extract the mod. (Extract to a different folder).
5. Inside the asp directory of the mod copy all the files and folders and paste them into the EOC root directory. (same place as where you renamed the resource and save directories). Overwriting is ok.

Running Aerospace Simulation Project

1. Start EOC and go to the Mods menu.
2. Activate the 'Free Form' and 'Multimod' mods ('Crosshair mod is optional').
3. Go to Load Game and load the phoenix savegame.
4. You should arrive at the main screen of the game and you should be able to use some aerospace fighters or achilles assualt shipss for patrolling.

Reverting back to original EOC

1. In the Mods Menu unselect 'Free Form' and 'Multimod' ('Crosshair' too if selected).
2. Rename existing 'resource' directory to 'asp_resource' and take 'resource2' directory and rename it back to 'resource'.
3. Rename exitsing 'saves' directory to 'asp_saves' and take the 'saves2' directory and rename it back to 'saves'.
4. Restart EOC and everything should be back to normal.

Have fun! And please take the time to give some feedback on Aerospace Simulation Project and I-War2 in the forums.