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MOD: Buda5 Mission Collection 2003

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Buda5 Mod is a great mod that introduces missions, ships, musics and more from the Babylon 5 universe.

Download the Mod:

And you will need to have the latest I-War2 patch ]EoC Patch vF14.6 installed.

Here is a brief description of what is inside the mod:

The Buda5 Ship Gallery
The traditional Compilation of all of the available Buda5 ships - from the small EA StarFury up to the huge ISA Excalibur - with a total amount of 37 different ship types plus stationery objects.

Omega Patrol
Scout mission: It seems like a common day for a scout fighter until you have to investigate an anomalous radiation...

Escort Mission
Quick mission generator: Your mission is to escort all freighters to the Babylon 5 station.
Determine your skills by the scoring. It is multiplied by the number of survived freighters and based on the ship selection: Better friendly ships lower your score.

Skirmish Generator
Pick your favourite ships, their amount and the battle array and hunt down your enemies 🙂 .
The classical Buda5 combat generator by Warlord, now supporting all Buda5 ships.

Director War
Select the fighting nations and enjoy the clash of the Buda5 titans as an observer or involved directly in the action.
The classical Buda5 battle generator by Indie in a new revision.

StarFury cockpit by SimonDR
Voice actors
Music from the Babylon 5 series
And a small easter egg for the observant audience 😉

There is a bunch of addons for this mod so try them and let us know what you think of it.

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Updated thread with valid link and the authors website is no longer up 🙁

Here is a video of the mod: