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Greetings Commanders!

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Greetings space sim enthusiasts! My name is Phill (you can call me phooool if you like) and I love playing space sims. My first one was Elite on the ZX Spectrum, and it's amazing that I am playing Elite:Dangerous some 30 years later.

My absolute favourite space sims over the years:

Elite I, II, III and Dangerous
X-Wing and Tie-Fighter
I-War and Independence War 2
Freelancer and Starlancer
Tachyon : The Fringe

I've have worked in the game industry and for many years have been making my own space game at home called Pegwars, it's a free-form game much like Elite but hopefully at a much faster pace (except for pace of development that is... !) and I want to add elements of civilisation building too.

Looking forward to having a look around these forums and chatting about all things SpaceSim!

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Welcome to the forums Phooool.

You find that their are a few of us old Elite player here.

D1 has had the site going for eleven years now and you will find some thread on some pretty obscure games although I doubt we have a threads about every single space sim that been made in the last 40+ years.

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Welcome Phooool

You listed some nice games there, not too many people remember Tachyon and Starlancer 🙂

Yes there is a lot of topics and games that never came to be. Looking forward to see some posts/comments from you.

Try not to party in the air locks 🙂