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Hello All

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My name is Alex, 34 years old, live in a small town called Leerdam, The Netherlands.

Science Fiction and space sims have always been a strong interest of mine, together with aircraft and ww2 flightsims (especially the IL2 series including IL2-Cliffs of Dover).

I've spent years playing Frontier Elite 2, Frontier First Encounters, Klingon Academy, Bridgecommander, Descent I & 2, Descent Freespace 1 & 2 , Orbiter, the Flight Simulator series starting in 1984, X-Plane and lots more on the C64, Amiga and PC.

Currently I'm very interested in the FFE3D and Pioneer developments. I love newtonian flight, real size planets and proper planetary motion, above everything else.

I'm no artist nor programmer, but maybe I can contribute something, who knows 🙂

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Hello Azimech and welcome to SSC.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay and ... have fun 🙂

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Must have missed this post... welcome to SSC Azimech.

Its really amazing how many people here have had either a Commodore Amiga or C64 🙂 Like you I had both at one time.