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Hi, people

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Well, I am really a veteran of this type of games, since the original Elite played successively on Atari, Amiga, and PC, through all the following games of the same type gone through on PC; you name it, either it was never available in my country or I played it.

I have been following Starpoint Gemini development here for a long time, and Far Colony elsewhere.

Bought the pre-release of Far Colony through GamersGate, but so far it was not even starting for me.

I am installing the patch now, to see if that will make it work.

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Hi Fafhred

There is a lot of things being discussed here and LGM are doing their best to combat any issues brought up to their attention. And some mods are also starting to be made to address some balancing and aesthetics issues. On on Far Colony are you talking about this: far-colony-f68/ because I don't know of any other game called far colony presently?