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Well, just stumbled across this place by accident when i came across a petition for Nexus - The Jupiter incident 2. lol

My life as a space gamer started at an early age in the early 90's when i got an amiga 500+,

Started playing Frontier Elite 2 on that and well lost many many weeks months possibly years to that game, and have never come across anything with that sort of feel to it yet,

But other games include nexus - The Jupiter Incident, Vega strike and eve online (Still play it from time to time)

So thaught i'd say hi, so HI.

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Welcome man. I saw the video of the Nexus 2 ... the graphics were stunning, too bad they didn't went ahead with it.

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Welcome to SSC, Cyka

Amiga 500 ah such memories. There bringing back the Commodore so why not the Amiga 🙂

Nexus is a great game and there is some good mods in development still for it. Enjoy your stay and tell a friend about SpaceSimCental.

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Welcome cyka.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one with memories of 'The Good Old Days'. Great to have you onboard.

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Hi Cyka

Welcome to the SSC! Hope you enjoy your stay here. As you can see from my avvie, I've still got my 500+. Frontier was a bit laggy on it though.