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newly registered member - not sure quite how or where to make my first post - so forgive if this is not the right place....

I'm Steve. I'm long in the tooth but still a devoted space flight fan.

I began on  the Commodore and then the Omega with the original Elite game, then moved to PCs to play Hardwar and I-War, X2-The Threat, etc.

I just want a reliable space solo adventure game that is beautiful to look at/experience and I can spend 1 or 1000 hours on whenever I want, exploring the furthest edges of some vast universe, with plenty of trading and maybe the occassionally inter-vessel shoot up.

But i'm fed up with PC gaming needing perpetual upgrading of hardware or drivers. Agree a lot with the comments expressed on this thread re modern game makers just re-working old games.

I found The "Pioneer" space game/flight/sim accidentally via WikiPedia. Pioneer looks visually very good so I thought i'd try it out. Not least because it's open-source and I was hoping that would prevent all the endless sillyness with upgrading graphics cards and drivers which seem to be at least partly a money making exercise - a mechanism to perpetually milk the gamer's money.

I DL'd the latest Pioneer version and thought i would test it on my old Win XP laptop (32bit). (I have a modern Win10 64bit machine, but didn't want to risk an unknown program on that laptop yet)

But although Pioneer installed smoothly, the moment i started it i go an error message saying "this is not  a Win32 program".

I like the look of the game and the idea that it is opensource etc. But although i'd like to join a forum with people wanting to discuss the game (playing and development), I can't seem to get anywhere with that.

Do others here have any experience of Pioneer?  

Is this the right place?

Can anyone help?

Regards, Steve

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Welcome to SSC @Walker

I moved your post into its own topic so more people will see it since you replied to someone elses thread when this deserves its own 🙂

You will definitely want to post any questions in the Pioneer forum ( people in there should be able to help you out. I haven't really played around with Pioneer for a few years so I wouldn't be the best at answering this.

Yeah I agree as well not many developers are creating new ideas, but the old ideas if done well will make for a good game experience. I create a new gaming PC like every 4-5 yrs on avg... but I tend to like playing some of the newer games because most of us grew up on Atari's and the like so seeing something like we see today is a blessing to what I grew up with. Granted I definitely think the gaming experiences were better back then because games were less visual so they had to rely on their ideas and substance 🙂