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Requesting permission to land... :-)

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hi everyone!

I've recently found this place while looking for info on good old frontier/elite game mods, so i've already downloaded FFED3D and tried it for a little while. Next step : install all those nice new ships (they're AWESOME)

Also had a look around the forums, so i've decided this is one good place for yet another space-addicted virtual pilot to hang out .

i've played frontier-elite 2 for over a decade, never really got into FFE because i didn't like the graphics, but after flying around in the "new" version i think i'll give it another chance, so a big thanks to the developers & designers involved!!

other stuff i've played :

- Orbiter (no shooting around on this one, but a challenge to fly. i have lots of nice add-ons & mods installed)

- Freelancer (played the original and the "discovery" mod with a small team of friends, had a very good time)

- some browser strategy games like ogame (very outdated and unbalanced), x-wars (don't know if it's still around) and xoyd (from the same guy as x-wars, helped with translating it from german to spanish )

- The whole "homeworld" series.

...and i'm waiting for "infinity" to get released!!

i hope to be of any use to the community here, and if the "real world" allows it, i will be around a couple of times a week 🙂

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Glad to here your sensors picked us up in the vastness of space 🙂 Permission granted.

With SSC being a general space gaming site any help on finding info on new and existing projects is very much welcomed. More help I get the more I can find time to play some of these great games. Infinity looks great and I cannot wait to dive into that game.

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Hi There!

Welcome to the forum and glad you got FFE3D. Darkone put together a great "all in one package" and must download it myself. Also love the HW2 avvie, looks like an Hiigaran interceptor? Might be wrong though!