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Space Game Dev saying Hello!

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Hi guys, 


I'm koonschi and I'm currently working on Avorion, a space sandbox game similar to Starmade or Space Engineers, but with non-voxel freely scalable blocks and a focus on experiencing things in your ship, fighting, questing, exploring and looting.

I hope I'll be able to entertain you guys with some Avorion updates, which will be coming in the future!


We have a demo of the game (Linux & Windows), if you want to check it out:


Have fun!

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Welcome to the the forums Koonschi.


See you are running a Kickstarter with not a huge target to get and still possible in the remaining 14 days if you can get some momentum behind it but you may have shot yourself in the foot by announcing it will be on Steam in 9 days.?


Scratch that, my mistake as say August, don't know why I got that idea from.

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Welcome to the SSC Koonschi and the very best of luck with your game.  

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Well, hello there, nice to see you on SSC 🙂

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Hello, koonschi.  Good luck with your endeavor!