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This is Commander789. Permission to dock?

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After many years of deep space travel, I've finally made it here to this peculiar place called SpaceSimCentral Station! I'm happy to meet you all!


From the moment I learned of, I knew that this was the perfect site to go to for all my space sim interests!


I love space and astronomy, and I often spend time reading books and surfing the internet about it. On my spare time, I often play X3 because that game is awesome! I also occasionally play Sins of a Solar Empire and Elite: Dangerous, and I am a big fan of Mass Effect. Allegience (Free Allegience is what it is now) was my first space sim!

No Man's Sky, Everspace and The Mandate are a few of the games that I'm currently looking forward to!


Also, I love  space fleets. Battleships, frigates, cruisers, carriers and even the tiny fighters themselves! So cool!


Thanks for giving me the time to introduce myself! My ship's a medium class military frigate, so I don't require a huge docking bay...  😀

I'll see you aboard! Commander789 out! 



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Welcome to the forums Commander789.


Never got into the old X games although I like XR.

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Nice to meet you Commander789. Are you still at the station, or did you move on to another port? I'm new too, and will be posting a topic of introduction as soon as it lets me.

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Welcome to the SSC Commander789 and fly safe out there!

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Hey Commander789

Well sit back and let the station mechanics fix that ship of yours after the long trek out this far. There is definitely a lot of salvagers and pilots with similar interests of yours so welcome to the station and I hope to see you about.

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Greetings, Commander789