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JGE Forums Down

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For at least a week or more now, every time I try to visit the JGE forums I get a bad link. Is anyone else seeing this to?

Because if their forums have been down for 2+ wks that is a bad sign in my opinion on the state of the game. I mean first the game delay back on June '09, then the re-tooling of the whole game, deleting the old forums/posts, no information getting out and now the forums being gone. NetDevil what are you doing?

More people see things like this the more damage you cause yourself with public opinion for JGE. I hope this is just a glitch and they get rolling again. I know ND was working and now has out that LEGO Universe MMO and maybe that has something to do with the lack of progress and who knows funding? There is something probably going on, but what?

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Its here ->