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Apparently it was N7 day yesterday.

Looks like they have some mods out for the game, pc versions should be on Nexusmods. As the vid says "what does n7 mean to you" not much my case as I was never a fan of the series.

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Would be nice if they put ME3 and Andromeda on Steam so I will buy it 😉 I did enjoy ME1&2. So I think I played the best of the series but I would like to play ME3 so I can finish the storyline.

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I played the trilogy which was bloody great. Some of the stories in it really pushed the boundaries. At times it even reminded me of my favorite sci-fi show ever; Blake's 7. Characters in it were much more complex than the usual heroes and villains you see in other games. Never played Andromeda but from what I've heard, that's a good thing! 😀