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Dan Wentz joins Miner Wars team and new team members

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Dearest community,

we have been patiently waiting for what is to become one of the greatest days of the history of our Miner Wars. It seems that our hard work and focus to bring you something special is finally bringing some results. More and more our game is getting into the spotlight and important people are beginning to notice the game.

We are slowly growing the development team and it is my greatest honour to introduce you to our new team members.

One of them is very special and I believe that you will all understand why.

Dan Wentz - has been appointed as the Audio Director! - Dan is a game development veteran who has been in the industry from 1995. Working in Parallax Software which later became Volition Dan has an impressive record of working on over 17 AAA titles. Dan worked on their sounds, music, level design and 3D modelling. Most of the titles that Dan has been a part of are seen these days as genuine works of art. Many of the projects that Dan helped to create inspired our team to make Miner Wars itself! Dan has in record such titles as Descent, Descent 2, Descent: Freespace, Freespace 2, Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Red Faction guerilla, Summoner, Saints Row and many other good quality titles. We are very very pleased to have Dan on our team and you can expect excellent quality sound and music coming out of Dan`s hands :). Dan`s nick on our forums is Vertigo1 :).

Other team members might be overshadowed by such a juggernaut that Dan is but we value their work also very highly.

Michal "Comodorre" Stefan - is joining our team as a developer. He has been appointed the head of Level Design, AI scripting and mission design. Michal has already been working with Keen Software House on creating music for our iPhone games that are in preparation. Michal is a passionate gamer and has a 7 years experience with application development. Previously Michal worked on various Half-life modification projects as a level builder.

Lukas "Preacher" Kozak - is joining our team and is going to be helping us with marketing and sales. Lukas is very active in the pro-gaming community being a member of various counter-stike teams Lukas is mainly going to handle the communication with multiplayer webs and pro-gaming communities. In the future Lukas is going to handle a much bigger part of the whole marketing process.

Additionally we are preparing a 2 new videos. One of these videos will be visible to public and the other one only to the community members on our website. First video is going to show a chase of 3 players in a tunnel causing all kinds of havoc and shooting at each other. The other video is going to show the Asteroid Buster rockets that can basically vapourize a major part of an asteroid.

The rest of the team is working hard towards releasing a fly-through that will first be available to top 20 community members and then it will be released to the general public. The next step is a playable version of the game. The playable version will be released in a form of a single-player beta.

Furthermore I would like to especially thank all of the current members of the community for their never-ending support and for all of the hard work you are all putting into Miner Wars. All of those 3D models, word spreading and Ideas are helping us towards making a better game for all of you.

Thank you community and wish us luck to pull this one off!

Tomas "Darghan" Psenicka

Sales and Marketing

Project Miner Wars

Keen Software House ltd.

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Great news Darghan on the new staff members.

Will be great to hear Miner Wars with some music and new effects. Music and sound effects are a major part of any game and really set the mood when playing, especially in single player mode.

Will those videos you spoke of will they have some music to them? 🙂

The addition of the level/ai designer is a huge as well. With all the different factions in the game AI is going to be important.

Any word on a publisher Darghan or is Keen Software going to self publish and use services like Steam?