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SO! Any impressions? Anybody with actual monetary surplus get this? Last I knew it was just a deathmatch style game, now it looks like it has SP and Coop? When did this happen!?

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I have yet to play the final version and I will probably hold off purchase until it patches a few times. They have changed the scope of the game from the original concept of open world style game they were intending. And from all of the videos I have watched it is a Descent clone in a lot of ways. I will be interested in seeing peoples thoughts on this as well.

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Sadly too big for me to download but I am waiting for a boxed edition.

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Tried playing it this morning via Steam but couldn't make it to start if my life depended on it so I just downloaded it directly from their website. Unfortunately seems they made some changes to the game's engine since the last time I played it (like a year ago) because now I have such a low frame rate that the game is just not playable and it's weird cause I used to play it with like 40fps before. It really sucks that I can't play the final version of the game considering how much time I invested in it while I was helping them to make it. Well, guess this is it. I wish them all the best and I hope the game is as good as it was meant to be when the project started.