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Google VR

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Just got one of those plastic headsets for using a smart phone as a VR headset, anyone got any recommends. 



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Sure 😉



Actually, you should check out VRidge/Riftcat at for using your Android device as a headset for your PC games. 😀

With it, I managed to emulate an Oculus VR headset & make Steam believe I have a VR headset. This allows 'unlocking' the VR mode in Steam, giving you access to Steam's VR library of games/experiences. Some of them are quite good, too! 🙂

It's free, though I don't really like the fact that it seems to rely on a remote server to authenticate the app... The app forces updates that way, which can also be a good thing for the less paranoid...


From what I have heard, TrinusVR is quite good.

They even have a few special games, like PIGEON POOP 😀

TrinusVR is freeware. It can be rather annoying to configure when compared to Riftcat, but once you have it up & running, you'll be able to use it on many PC game titles. 🙂

In my VR trials, I found that I would really want a motion controller in order for the experience to be truly awesome. I'd play FPS games with gun aiming seperate from the viewport. That's something games 'enabled' with TrinusVR don't support. They only add a '3D' view effect to the 2D image.

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The things like vtime & altspacevr are fun to just sit around and talk to people.

I love the mobile VR headsets for watching movies. They are amazing for airplane flights.

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Hey Pinback, are you talking about Google Daydream, or just Google Cardboard?

It would be really difficult to find a "game" with google cardboard. GearVR has a nice selection though.