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Space X hunter

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here is a new free indie Game for PC and Android :

Space X Hunter is an independent space action/arcade game in 3D completely free and without advertising,

Space X Hunter has solo or multiplayer mode, and options for for google Cardboards and Virtual Reality Glasses


video :


The story :

You are a Space X Hunter: You fight a horde of enemies whose purpose is to absorb the energy of the solar systems.

A unique name will be assigned to the first launch of the game, allowing you to identify yourself with the other Space X Hunter.

You must complete a series of missions, the current set includes 6 missions, and new missions will be added very soon.

You can also focus on attacking enemy ships, protection of the solar system planets and try to access one of the six best scores of Space X Hunter, but be careful: when all the planets of the system will gone, it will be the end of the game for you.


Please tell me what you think of it, and if you have some ideas to improve it,


Thank you very much 



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Looks like a decent space combat game, might have a go next time I have some credit on the phone.