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MOD: Nexus Take Two

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Firewarrior1705 has made a re-balance mod that will move the combat along and now you won't be waiting and waiting to eat through another capitol ships shields when both ships are damaged. Enhanced damages from all weapons and upgrades to the fighters make combat a lot more fun.


This is a very basic rebalance mod, so no new ships. I have started with the Gorg vs NDF but I may add more races if you guys like this mod.

Current version: 1.2


- all weapons now do hull, shield and subsistem damage. Some of them may be better suited for one task than another. All weapons now can't penetrate through shields so in order to do hull or subsystem damage you'll have to bring down the enemy ship's shields.

- all shields will now charge faster(including the fort shields)

- better power management system on all ships(you can now keep the shields and weapons at 200% for a longer time)

The weapons are(they are the same for both races):

- Plasma shell: the old energy shell, now capable of damaging hulls as well as shields. Rate of fire buffed, energy consumption and damage decreased

- Kinetic gun: the old plasma gun, much faster rate of fire and less damage and power drain

- Particle laser: a new weapon, it has good rate of fire and is capable of damaging both shields and hulls. It excells however at destroying devices, 2 hits will destroy most devices.

- Plasma torpedo: the old energy torpedo, slightly better rate of fire, very effective against both shields and hulls, power drain decreased

- Assault laser: the old siege laser, now with slightly better rate of fire and fort shield penetration(this is the best weapon to use against stations with fort shields)

- Removed energy bomb and missile as they were IMBA.

- Removed bombers and gunboats. Now fighters have 2 weapons: a rapid fire pulse laser(same used by the flak cannons) for taking out enemy fighters and plasma torpedoes for anti ship usage. Be aware that fighters are now very strong against capital ships so taking out enemy fighters is a top priority.

There are 4 missions for now but feel free to make more.

All the credits go to me for making the mod 😛 and arpaso for making the Nexus skirmisher on which the mod is based


1. Download the mod from here: Nexus Take Two v1.2 or from MODDB here:

2. Extract the archive and copy the 'Nexus take two' folder to the mod directory within your Nexus install.

3. Start Nexus: TJI and select the 'Nexus take two' mod

4. If you are playing Multiplayer this will work fine. You will have to use Nexus Skirmisher to setup computer AI battles.

Pics of the mod in action: