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MOD: The Grunt Invasion v1.1

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The Grunt Invasion is a mod created by Justaman16493 for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. This is a SP mod and as well 🙂

Basic concept to the mod:

The Grunt Invasion is about an invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy by a race called "Grunt" their opposition are the Terran (humans), The Daraga (which are supposed to be the mysterias race of the mod) ,the Nizar (which are sort of a father race to all aliens and the humans but that dosent mean that they are good), the Yeylin (An Allianced Pirate race which means that they are pirates but th're organised and grouped together), the Heimon (Completely Evil and Mysterious race), the Torell (Military race), the Zelex (A race which is part of the Torell Empire) and the Vazarn (A race that takes tech from many spcieces and joins it together into their ships). The Daraga, Nizar, Yeylin, Torell, Vazarn, Heimon and Terran must defend their worlds against the Grunts and eventually fight back with a vengence. They will also join sides or make enemies.

The Justaman16493 talks about possible updates in the future so stay tuned and give us some feedback on how you like the mod.

I have compiled the mod so this includes both v1.0 and v1.1 files in one package just extract this to your mod folder and select the mod inside the game.

Download: The Grunt Invasion v1.1

You can also download the mod from the MODDB site here: