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Nice video covering the Soviets landing probes on Venus

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When I watched this I was like how do I not really know much about this...? And then looked up when all this took place and I was just a kid at the time. But this was a very interesting watch, nice video. I give it too the Soviets.... they were persistent to succeed 😉 Amazing what humans accomplished in space in the 60's/70's shame we don't do a lot more of this even though there is obstacles. 

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Amazing what humans accomplished in space in the 60's/70's

Cold War willy-waving mostly - even the Apollo program.

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Theirs an old BBC series called the planets from the 90s which covered this and interviewed some of the Russian designers behind the missions, if IIRC they said they tested one of the landers in a pressure tank and when they opened the doors the lander was gone apart from a pool of liquid in the middle of the floor, now that's some testing.

I still highly rate that series although it is now 20 years plus out of date with the new discoveries been made in the inner and outer solar system but worth a watch if you can find a copy of it. 

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A few words about Venus and NASA`s plans. NASA has some plans to build some floating platforms in order to colonize Venus in the future. I consider this idea of colonizing Venus is a completely useless idea. It`s even more useless than colonizing Mars. Venus's environment is even harsher than the environment on Mars. We should understand that the life of humans will be changed completely as a result of the harsh environment of Venus and will not be the same as we have on Earth. I guess it would be a better idea to save our planet and not waste time on useless ideas of colonizing planets like Venus. I assume that spending money on some projects can protect our environment on Earth. For instance, satellite technology is aimed at tracking rare species of animals to prevent them from being becoming extinct.


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  1. What persistence and strength for the goal during the years of harsh race in space. Indicative data on what engineering can do. ‘We need a bigger boat’ - a good illustration of the technical approach of the starting exploration era. Through trial and error.

Thank you for sharing the video.

2. Colonizing Venus with floating cities is still a long time a hot and open topic. I am coming to think from not from an extreme point. Lots of imaginative speculations of real research implications. There are a lot of 'calculated' cases behind. They are not to be realized as fast as Mars probably, for example, because there are no use cases of existing technology.

At the same time the word 'colonization' brings to mind long inhabited cities rather than starting with a station, which can be visited by humans for a short term. Exploration stepping, not leaping yet.

Still our raising the bar has been foreseen through centuries 🙂