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Solar storms

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The sun activity seems not as much spotlighted as other Earth-sweeping threats.

Extremes of sudden eruptions in the days of technology boost, that may destroy our health vital electronic systems.


Solar maximums are generally hard to predict by magnitude, they also show a trend of peaks once a century.

According to periodical data, a massive solar storm is to come around 2030 - 2050.


Existing observing systems and simulation technologies by SOHO, NSF, NOAA, involved research groups still have no confidence answering the question of possible significance of threat.

And at the same time lots of major international and supplementary extraterrestrial observations of the Sun are being done.

Skyrora UK satellites are engaged.

Question of persistence and collaboration (not questioning time) should give a step forward for the forecasts.


There has been an important statement made from the University of Michigan scientists for improvement of the solar storms predictions.

Still solar energy is the most effective for the green energy sector.

An optimistic urge to keep eyes better open.

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