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Ace Online

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I'm surprised this game hasn't made it in SSC. Anyway its a sci-fi (or syfy) flight sim shooter mmo. 2 nations (sides), you must choose from, fight one another for territory control. You can start your own little skirmishes or take part in nation wide battles.

Strategic Points are basically a nation wide mission that generates at random on a map and depending if it's on your territory or not you must protect it or destroy it. In Mothership Wars you protect and/or destroy the enemy Mothership and also turning every map into a massive battle. Outpost War taking an outpost/battlestation/battleship from the enemy and holding it from them. With an outpost in your nation's possession you able to fly over to restricted areas without have to worry about the enemy intruding in. Anyone one of these can overlap each other so you decide which battle you wan't to partake.

Now Ace Online, by MasangSoft ( ), as it is now has become way too excessive with cash shop items. Back in the old days it wasn't at all, you didn't even need to pay to be good at the game. I loved the game play but the cash shop items killed it for me. After fumbling around I found a private server for it.

It's an accelerated version of the official and you don't need to fork over your money.

Please comment about the game and how you feel about private servers and officials. Don't forget to visit the game.

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I played around with this game a few years back. Didn't think it was still around and active to be honest. The gameplay was ok when I played a few years back but I disliked the store since it seemed you were not that competitive unless you bought things from it.

I wouldn't mind seeing a private server popup if it wouldn't get shutdown by the law in a few weeks. 🙂

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Like DarkOne said... I had an acct, played for a while. You get to a point where you have to have

several friends or clan mates to play it since it nearly requires you to grind in dual faction areas. Meaning you get wiped out by the enemy gears with high ranks really easily... each time losing money.

Frankly with the huge number of translation issues, lack of major clans, and not much more than a grind fest, there's nothing to the game other than the quest for snazzy gear parts. There's quite a few other games out there that I'd get more

out of for the amount of time ACE requires.

Prior to being called ACE online it was Air Rivals, and it's been played all over the world under various names. You can see some of the "golden days" on YouTube. Back when the GMs were active with the community, not lethargic.

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yea i played Air Rivals about 8 to 12 months ago, was ok but nobody talks and high level players kill off the newbes too much......