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Does Steam allow to purchase accounts with games?

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I want a game on Steam that's priced around 50 USD but it has caught my attention that  i've seen some websites selling steam accounts with games purchased in countries where prices are considerably lower. My question is: Does Steam allow third-party websites to sell accounts with games? Is it likely to get penalized? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Accounts no, unless someone is giving you their account then you could assume it but that is done through individual parties knowledge (also I think steam has a conversion tool for this purpose, like leaving a steam library in a will etc...). But you can purchase any game via a platform as long as they provide you with a legit steam key that will activate the game on steam.

I removed your link btw since it is suspicious and I wouldn't want anyone trying it and getting ripped off, but technically you would get in trouble with Steam if they found out I would assume.

Check this:

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