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Duke Nukem Forever

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It now officially has a release date and a new trailer. After 14 years, it better be good. The 2001 trailer looked a lot better though.

US: May 3, 2011

Foreign Countries: May 6, 2011

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Hah, cool trailer 🙂 But I'm not really a fan of the game 😳

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I was a fan about 15yrs ago but I think the Duke Nukem appeal has worn off for me. I would think that building a game for so long it would WOW me with visuals and I just think they are average. If anything it should be on par or exceed either Rage or Brink to reward the loyal fans of the series.

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Trailer made me laugh, u never know the game might be good its hard to tell how good the games going to be with a utube video 😉