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Genesis Rising any good?

Crewman Registered
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I just found some old screen caps and demo films of Genesis Rising and it LOOKS really cool.

I was just wondering if anyone has played it and has any input on if it's good or bad or worth buying it off Ebay for a few bucks?

Supreme Dark Emperor Admin
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Haven't tried it personally but there is a demo for Genesis Rising on their website.

Rear Admiral Registered
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Think I got this as part of a Steam bundle of games in one of their sales, must investigate.... Yes! it is there, organic ships? Looks interesting 🙂

Commander Registered
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Had a look over it .... it's not really my style so I can't really say if it's good / bad but it does look interesting enough to at least give it a try.

Crewman Registered
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I played it a long time ago, I'd say its worth a play-though if your into games like homeworld or nexus. It has a dark story like warhammer 40k minus the magic and the orcs. It's a bit rough around the edges but you can get it extremely cheap now, gamersgate was selling it for $2.50 usd.

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I agree with n-blade. I didn't play it much because those types of games don't hold my interest long, but it seemed to run alright, and have a decent storyline.

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I played this for some time, I found it hard. You need to have patience as well, travelling about takes quite some time.