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Just got myself a 3DS XL

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It is pretty nice. I'm enjoying so far. The screens are huge too. This would be a great platform for some space trading/ space sims. I know of a DS game called Infinite Space that I'll get soon. Unfortunately it had a limited run and it's rather expensive. I could see something like SPAZ doing very well on the 3DS, or Space Rangers.


I got 3 free games when i bought it though which was cool. It came with Mario Kart 7. But then they had some bonus thing and i got Steel Diver [a fun little submarine game] and Nintendogs [ lol ].  Then i bought Zelda Ocarina of Time which i've only played a bit here and there, so this'll be my first real 'go' at the game. Always heard such good things about it.


Anyone else got a 3DS? How do you like it? Know of any other space games for it or regular DS?

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Not got a 3ds myself but there is a Starfox game for it, probably a bit on rails like all the Starfox games.

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Infinite Space is a JRPG like Star Ocean. Not a space sim. But if you play games like these, you will like it!!!!

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I bought both my boys the 3DS for Xmas, didn't get the XL version since it was still to high when I made my purchases, ebay is great for buying used games on the cheap. The kids love watching Netflix on the 3DS.