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PS4 and Xbox 720 rumors and facts

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Hey Everyone,

I try to be an avid gamer and play on the consoles as well. I own a PS3 and the 1st Xbox at home now and I have to admit I have been pretty happy with the PS3 capabilities, blu-ray has been flawless for 4+ yrs now and the PS+ subscription is great, I use my PS3 more for media/entertainment and the kids use it for games.... (hint: Sony WE NEED SPACE GAMES ON PS3).

Now to the discussion, that will definitely bring out the passion and anger from gamers. It looks like both Sony and MSoft are going to be releasing news on the new consoles this year and some reports state this month on around the 20th of Feb for Sony. And I hear Sony PS4 will be out this year. Haven't heard too much on the Xbox 720 yet, but I will be looking.

But one thing I have been hearing that is coming our way is the DRM that will be in place, things like locking the media to your console so you cannot resell games (pretty much destroying the used game market). I have heard of digital distribution only of games as well. But there is a huge pluses to both in that I hear both systems will be amazing media centers that will be a great addition to your livingroom.

With this hardware probably hitting this year, will you get one and which one will it be?

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Probably going to stick with the PC as I have completely failed to get any of the console from the current generation, although I still might get a 360.


Wonder if there will be a knock on effect from any DRM that prevent people from selling their games as many people sell their old games to buy new ones.


Their are a couple of other consoles, the one from steam and that other one which had the Kicksterter for it, can't remember it's name. Both of em are going to be digital but I think the big three will stick with the physical disk for a few more years.