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some might remember the shoot 'em up construction kit from the C64 or the "miggy",

few have picked up that idea and ported a modern version of such, especially for free. 😉

but since a while exists the GACK which means games app construction kit.

the software is still under cunstruction, but already you can make on your PC some simple games.

don't expect to much, if something is simple to handle the result will be limited.

it's somewhat different to the s.e.u.c.k, especially because it's possible also to make a jump 'n run game or you can exceed it to something else,

you will see.

further it's far easier to work with compared to the old s.e.u.c.k, i tried to compare...

it's horrible.

still it's limited, but i guess it now offers quite more, i never liked the s.e.u.c.k games to much. little had at least i funny idea behind which has let the limitations become less boring.

still enemies will follow only a given path...

there are some leaks, like you can't make a standalone game by now (by now? hmm, i guess he has his reasons)

joysticksupport is unfortunately incomplete? but if you have a proper software to assign keystrokes to the stick it works fine.

anyway often i prefere this way instead of a "direct" joystickcontrol, especially for older games.

i guess after some different projects i started, i can say, a shoot 'em up is the worst you can do with the G.A.C.K.

personally i have more fun with the other experiments i started.

a funny feature of it is the "programmable synthesizer" you use for the sfx, instead to simply load wave file you have to create the soundeffects yourself.

that's at least 100% legal 😆

and can be real fun!


don't be surprised it's a bit tackling to click on butttons which appear as new entries at the bottom of a menu window.

in the beginning i thought the sfx are limited to 9 "slots" but it's only because it's hard to reach that damned button.

interesting sounds to me the, that its planned to make the final games once portable to various systems respectively handhelds.

actually it's bound to a windoze 🙁

the editor is easy to understand and creating sprites and animations is really fun to to with



sequential animation


this friendly alien is from intellivisions "Game Factory" 😉 (in fact it's a little fox)

8 way, directional movement


a simple one, only 4 (2) different sprites

backgrounds are made of tiles, similar to the sprites, you have unlimited amount for, it can be either a set of repetive used tiles or a unique background from a scene like a photographic picture.



you have various methods for scrolling the game screen, the classic vertical shoot 'em up


horizontal scrolling


static screen


but it's also possible to give the player gravity and you can create a jump 'n run


hoizontal scrolling...


or static respectively this one is vertical scrolling it's a bit complicatet to make a static screen with gravity


you can make even a large map on which the player has to find his way through a labyrith (hack 'n slash or chop 'n run? 😆 )


it's a bit limited because you can't scroll downwards, but you can compensate that with a clever layout of the labyrinth and use it as a additional challange (to play the game, there is no turning back).


here you can download the G.A.C.K editor

my projects are in this location

(scroll down to reply 9 and 10)

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That project looks very promising and looks like the tools they are putting together are quite in-depth that you can actually make a decent game from it. I noticed on their site that a lot of these games are being used for mobile development, which I think is perfect because the games should look really good on a 4-7in screen.

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here is a test windows and osx "build" of my GACK game "Galactic Invasion".

it should run or it has as osx on my macbook and as win32 in the "wine wrapper".



known issues:

joystick/pad isn't supported properly,

but it should work fine with the keyboard.

it looks like the sprites for player1 and player2 are messed

(it's a project from the former GACK release running with the new releases software,

but if i load the project to the new GACK editor it turns out to be slightly wrong in screen size

and you will have to mess with a uncomfortable mouse (virtual stick), tilt or touchscreen control.

what "tilt" is good for? it's ment to use with a tablet application.

the creator of gack decided to release the whole editor in conjunction with a tablet

to develop and finally release the games for a tablet, i-phone etc.

while personally i'm a little disappointed with that because

first i own no tablet, second the whole surface has changed to be used

with a touchscreen and it's very uncomfortable now to edit the game projects).



if you ike to use a joystick use your (or any) "profiler software" on a PC

use "USB Overdrive" on a MAC (shareware, but runs without registering).




changed player lives from 3 to 5







keyboard mapping:

player1 shoot (start player1): R-CTRL

player1 move: cursor keys


player2 shoot (start player2): L-CTRL

player2 move: W,S,A,D (up,down,left,right)


quit game: Q,X and ESC




please report errors in this thread.


i'm "working" on a browser release and hope i can work it out.



this is what it will look like:




have a preview to a demo browser game from the creator od GACK:

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I made a whole lot of great games using the original S.E.U.C.K on the C64

Nice one Potsmoke66 .. Will give it a try 🙂