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Space streams?

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Any good space streams out there that are worth to share? I'm thinking of setting up a stream myself and could use the inspiration. Would not onyl be focused on gaming though, I'd also just like to do some different random (stupid) stuff. lol. Because of this, I was wondering if they will allow me on Twitch, Azubu or the other major platforms or whether I should just go for afreecatv (seeing that I am not solely focused on gaming). You guys have any thoughts on this?

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I follow TheXpGamers on Youtube. He does decent Let's Plays and Streams on Hitbox. He's actually doing a Community event and Stream for Battlefront 2 on sunday at 3 PM EST. I''ll be on there playing! it's a gaming channel though. I know Scott Manley's channel is focused not just on gaming, but he does some science stuff too.