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Torchlight 2

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Yeah I know this game is old now but I finally sat down and played the heck out of it. I had a blast advancing carpal-tunnel effects to my mouse hand with all that damn clicking 🤣 🤣 🤣 but I will say this was a flawless experience for me, the loot and socket system was nice. The story could have been better, diablo definitely wins in this aspect. But Torchlight 2 is a really good game in my opinion if you like this isometric hack-and-slash games. I have Grim Dawn as well and will play that eventually too, because the devs that create Grim Dawn made Titan Quest which is one of my favor hack-and-slash games. 

One thing I think makes a good game is when you loose track of time, you can start playing TL2 and look at the clock and wonder where your 4hrs went 😉 when I played this game I did enable a rebalance mod that was in the steam workshop.

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