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What should I buy?

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I'm thinking about getting the new factory sealed orange GameCube controller since it's orange, and because I could use it to play all of my old GC games, since my other controllers are all sucky/broken third-party controllers. I could also buy Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube, which is a remake of the first game and really fun with the money I have left over after buying the controller. On the other hand I really like the Mass Effect series and so I could buy Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and the DLC. Or I could get a Nintendo 64, which is an amazing system, but a lot of the really good games for it are either hard to find or very expensive now. Or I could get a Sega Genesis, but I'm not sure how many good games are available for it, other than a few RPGs. I have about $60 to spend.

Also, for the lulz I have provided this misleading picture:


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I would go with the ME1&2 just because you can get some good emulators that you can play those older games on 🙂