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How i see ships of pioneer

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That is what i imagine by the ships of pioneer 


Haber ships are recovered from the war and quite old converted for civilian use, sold at low cost have a good density of the hull at the expense of performance and fuel consumption, with low-level technology and require a lot of maintenance because of age, hold 7 , 8% of the market


OPLI Barnard have a great market because of quality and price, but do not have high technology with good performance of both consumption and power at the expense of the hull  density do not require high maintenance and will retain 38% of the market


ALBR produces vehicles for civil use for good performance with superior technology, their strong point is reliability and a moderate density of the hull maneuverability is average, hold 17.3% of the market


Auronox are the cult of spaceships production is very limited due to the semi artisan production, require a good maintenance but offer high performance in both agility and power consumption reduced on average but have a reduced cargo capacity, hold 5.6% of the market


Kaluri ships offer very high-tech and require frequent maintenance offer consumption record but sin in agility and density of the hull hold 12.4% of the market


Mandarava Cspel are the latest generation of aircraft with amazing agility, power consumption maintenance, have a low density of the hull but they offer a good load capacity and accounting for 18.9% of the market


And here is the mod [] but unfortunately don't work becouse of some old bugs inside tradeship.lua but work fine with pioneer scout +


I have reduced all prices of the ships for make them possible buy without cheat with default game,


cargo, hull and fuel are calculated with volume rateo values defined by manifactures and overally they have less fuel and cargo space versus default ones,

Increased power, and manouver trhust are calculated with rateo value by manifacture for give to them more identity

Exaust velocity are relative to manufacture technology and overally increased versus default game.