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Pioneer Total Conversion Mods ONLY

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Welcome to the SCC Pioneer Total Conversion Mod Repository

Other modifications can be found at the Pioneer Wiki @

First some rules.

 These *SPECIAL* topics are ONLY for posting of ships, stations, cities, TC's and Misc modifications.

 Images of and a "BREIF" description is all that is required. ('wall of text' is not helpful)

 (if you feel you need to explain something in detail - please add a link to a separate discussion area for that topic.

This is not a forum for discussion of these mods.

 For such discussions please go to the modders discussion area link provided beside the posted mod.

The objective here is to keep things on topic, simple and organized. Lets make it an easy read for new people to the game.

Anything not mirrored in the wiki mod section will have a direct link to these 4 SSC mod categories.

Please post only once for the same mod (if only updating edit existing post)