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Font size and old hud look - Pioneer Space Sim

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Could you add the font size in the graphics options?
because they are small especially for people with vision problems.
Choosing an old / new hud would be very nice! I liked the old one, the new one is strange

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This sort of question needs to be ask on the Pioneer dev forum or the discord as you are more likely to get an answer their than here.

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I agree Pinback. Wish I could help you Kargul85 but your best bet is to try the Pioneer forum, here is link:


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Pioneer has never provided any separate font files, but the mod 'Pioneer Scout Plus' has done so for 16:9 resolutions. If you download and take a look at them, at least you get an idea about what has to be changed. I have tried to tweak the numbers inside these files but I didn't have any success to make the fonts larger at the same resolution. Try it out and see what you can do (see the link below). Good luck.

Other than that, you can increase the font sizes by decreasing the game resolution in the video options, but that comes at the cost of a less good video quality. Or you can use a screen magnifier that runs together with games, like Glassbrick, that you can set to magnify when you use the right mouse button (or another command of your choice.)

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