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Gaz planets problems ???

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Hello, I am new to Pioneer and I find this game great.

However, it is normal for planets like saturn be like that ?


so is much of gaseous planets... I find it strange texture problem there?

thank you in advance for your answers ^ ^


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Looks like you're running an older version of Pioneer. I can tell, because currently Saturn's rings are completely missing. (-:

The appearance of ringed planets is something of a work in progress at the moment.

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I believe that's a problem with certain ati radeon graphics cards. Pioneer in general doesn't like ati, and this makes me and my laptop cry :'( What card do you have by the way?

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hi, vampi

missed you already, i liked the planet renderings you posted once for FFED3D very much (almost like my own, i run a mix now).

yes, it's a normal behave, but only on some GFX cards produce it i guess.

God what has happened i am writing right to left now ๐Ÿ˜•

i don't mind

shouldn't type so fast, i miss keys ๐Ÿ˜†

o.k back to normal

Brianetta, you know that you can fix this with the seeding? of course you do.


i didn't had them to in the new download and it was blue, this is :seed(13) for Saturn.

satisfied? both of you?

really if i wasn't to "stupid" to use github, i would have uploaded my custom systems,

but hacking FFED3D costs me less nerves the handling git, sorry.

and -0,0 i had the same problem on a NVIDIA, but it's solved like it seems

my changes for 00_sol.lua

local s = CustomSystem:new('Sol', { 'STAR_G' })
:short_desc('The historical birthplace of humankind')
:long_desc([[Sol is a fine joint]])

local sol = CustomSBody:new('Sol', 'STAR_G')

local mercury = CustomSBody:new('Mercury', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local venus = CustomSBody:new('Venus', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local earth = CustomSBody:new('Earth', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local earth_starports = {

CustomSBody:new('Kaltbrunn', 'STARPORT_SURFACE') -- use your hometown here ๐Ÿ˜‰ of course with the exact long. and lat.
:longitude(math.deg2rad(350.9732)), -- if you go below 10รƒโ€šร‚ยฐ + or - it produces junk ?

CustomSBody:new('Shanghai', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Mexico City', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('London', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Moscow', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Brasilia', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Los Angeles', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Gates Spaceport', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')

local moon = {
CustomSBody:new('Moon', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
:seed(52211) -- 191080
CustomSBody:new('Lunar City', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')

local mars = CustomSBody:new('Mars', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
-- XXX composition copied from earth until there's a way to indicate terraformed

local mars_starports = {
CustomSBody:new('Cydonia', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Olympus Mons', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Mars High', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')

local mars_moons = {
CustomSBody:new('Phobos', 'PLANET_ASTEROID')
CustomSBody:new('Phobos Base', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Deimos', 'PLANET_ASTEROID')
CustomSBody:new('Tomm\'s Sanctuary', 'STARPORT_SURFACE'),

local jupiter = CustomSBody:new('Jupiter', 'PLANET_GAS_GIANT')

local jupiter_moons = {
CustomSBody:new('Io', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Dante\'s Base', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Europa', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
:seed(721931) --:seed(5)
CustomSBody:new('Clarke\'s Station', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')
CustomSBody:new('Ganymede', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Enki Catena', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Callisto', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Discovery Base', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')

local saturn = CustomSBody:new('Saturn', 'PLANET_GAS_GIANT')

local saturn_moons = {
CustomSBody:new('Titan', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Oasis City', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Port Makenzie', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')
CustomSBody:new('Daniel\'s Haven', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')
CustomSBody:new('Rhea', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Iapetus', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Dione', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local uranus = CustomSBody:new('Uranus', 'PLANET_GAS_GIANT')
:seed(1) -- 7

local uranus_moons = {
CustomSBody:new('Titania', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Oberon', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Umbriel', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
CustomSBody:new('Ariel', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local neptune = CustomSBody:new('Neptune', 'PLANET_GAS_GIANT')
:seed(5) -- -1 with ring

local neptune_moons = {
CustomSBody:new('Triton', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')
:volcanicity(f(3,10)) -- Cryovolcanos!
CustomSBody:new('Poseidon Station', 'STARPORT_ORBITAL')
CustomSBody:new('Nereid', 'PLANET_ASTEROID')
CustomSBody:new('Proteus', 'PLANET_ASTEROID')

local pluto = CustomSBody:new('Pluto', 'PLANET_TERRESTRIAL')

local pluto_starports = {
CustomSBody:new('Pluto Research Base', 'STARPORT_SURFACE')

s:bodies(sol, {


of course you don't have to use "Kaltbrunn" take the data of your hometown i.e.

too sad ๐Ÿ˜ฅ i didn't start no more in kaltbrunn when i put it on top of the list, now i start in moskau.

further i don't like the new terrain much, i can see the alps (half ways) but italy and the mediteran sea is nearly gone?

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...i don't like the new terrain much, i can see the alps (half ways) but italy and the mediteran sea is nearly gone?

What do you mean? There is no new terrain for Earth its been the same for a while now.

EDIT// forget that I see what you mean... hmm thats very odd indeed and it shouldn't look like that. Ok we'll just pretend that Earth is in the middle of an ice-age for alpha 10 ๐Ÿ˜‰


Patched it up on github....

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Potsmoke, thanks for the Kaltbrunn example. I think if that everyone here added their home town to that file, the Earth would appear to be quite well populated (if Pioneer could handle that many spaceports). ๐Ÿ™‚

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of course a few cities are enough, i just thought it's nice to start in it's hometown, for everybody ๐Ÿ˜‰

unfortunately, like i said before i start now in moskau, i don't know why in alpha9 it worked perfectly and i started in the topmost city of the list, no matter which name.

which is only logical since scripts get processed like a batch, line after line, usually at least.

but i will see if i find a reason for that.

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potsmoke66 wrote:
unfortunately, like i said before i start now in moskau, i don't know why in alpha9 it worked perfectly and i started in the topmost city of the list, no matter which name.

The game startup code got a lot of cleanups for Alpha 10. Part of that is the menu screen now selects a start point by starport number in the system. For the Earth/Sol start point that number is currently 4, which corresponds to Brasilia in the stock Sol system script. That was chosen because its the only port on Earth that at the start time has daylight and interesting terrain.

The start points by their nature are heavily dependent on the contents of the system scripts.

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o,k that will help... ๐Ÿ˜€

it's just fun, try "Kaltbrunn" a nice place in the swiss mountains... no, really first time i started their in alpha9 i was stunned by the realism, i could nearly tell the surrounding mountains by their name. the only thing missing was "Lake-Zรƒฦ’ร‚ยผrich", but i guess we must do without lakes for a while, i understand it's difficult to make such, far easier are to tell just 0m is ocean, but lakes... hm, i guess hard to solve if at all. and the "crater deep" lakes of earlier releases wasn't really good to look at imho.

it's not hard i can live without them ๐Ÿ˜‰

it was enough already to see "man here is this and that mountain, there should be this lake, fantastic..." i mean i could almost spit on the head of my friends at lakeside zรƒฦ’ร‚ยผrich*.

and if that isn't fantastic then i don't know what else should be then.

Brasilia is a bit to dangerous for a "Gringo" like me ๐Ÿ˜†

*sidekick, one is a Australian citizen, besides of Jamaicans, many Africans, one Hawaiian, few Swiss, neither i am Swiss i am German. Zรƒฦ’ร‚ยผrich is a melting pot like not many cities in the world, it's given by nature, there is no space for Ghettos, so you HAVE to share the space. you can't live their in a part of the city where only folks of your own country or ethnic live (except for the Jews they kept them self isolated, no one has forced them to do so, any traffic after 10pm is forbidden in their quarter, strange no?).

btw, "Gringo" seems to come from "Greek", and has meant hard to understand, just like "Welsh" "Vallis" "Wales", a Gael even hard to understand for Romans and Normans.

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Thought I'd mention that modifying 00_sol.lua and starting a saved game at Brasilia caused a major lockup. I had to press the 'reset' button to get back control of my computer. Starting a new game after modifying 00_sol.lua works fine.

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๐Ÿ˜ณ sorry i thought this is offense,

any change to that will need "new" games, but i didn't knew some get "lock up's", dammit....

somehow it is offense no?

when you change a system, a savestate and any started mission to the changed system and so on won't work.

it's almost like you run a new alpha, not quite the same, but almost.

such happens even when you change simply the seed for sol when you saved a game in orbit to saturn.

it didn't only changes the appearance. not that this would change physics of the bodies, only their actual position maybe, which will confuse the game.

personally i had a lot such crashes (but no lock up), due to the many alterations i did once.

but like you said it's only when you load a "old" game.

to me it's something common, change this or that, of course all savegames are rubbish after.

but since it's still under heavy development this is a part of the "game", i mean it's offense.

but because barnards star will crash it to, i would patch it and really start to play from then on new and use no old savegames

it's really my fault ๐Ÿ˜ณ

i should have "warned" you, even when i think it's harmless.

anyway i will upload a MSVC build, maybe tomorrow under good circumstances already today, barnards star will be patched (to the dislike of? it's a randomly seeded system now again*), if you like i can put in your hometown, why not? (would need coordinates and name then), even when i like the place in the swiss mountains.

if i can manage it it will contain some fixes to my ships (mainly a stripping of the lo-res textures), a few more ships and a different building set.

but i also have to do some investigations to see if everything is like it should be.

* i tried to get it with a small asteroid and the stations, but i didn't managed it to populate it, but i guess no population = no economy = no missions even when you have space stations as target, they are somewhat "empty" then, logical no? i have made once myself experiments in this direction.

sometimes in certain locations you never get a system populated without certain conditions, i have made a lot experiments with the custom systems, mostly far some close.

location (both sector and intersector), type of star and seeding are interwoven. it can happen also like in good old FE2 that you have a randomly generated system showing a spaceport but has no economy and population or vice versa a population and economy and no ports, i guess i have seen both possibilities, rare but can happen.

personally i had a lot of fun with playing around with the seeding ๐Ÿ˜‰

but it's no guarantee that all machines will give the same results, especially different OS's.

and i was already surprised to get randomly the same results for barnards star as i had in alpha9 (or was it 8?), i had expected anything...

for sure i will hide "mechanica" somewhere....