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Hello and help!

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Hello everyone,


I'm generally very computer savvy but I'm having problems getting Pioneer up and running. I've found posts that mentions ways to do this but I'm not familiar with some of the terms/methods. I've downloaded the binary build for windows and 7zip. Can someone explain to me how to get Pioneer to work in simple terms for Windows 7 or send me to the right place to find this information? Thanks!



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  1. Install 7-zip,
  2. run 7-zip and open the version which you can get from the website to make sure it's the latest (called Alpha 33),
  3. Extract the "pioneer-alpha33-win32" folder to whatever folder you like on your machine,
  4. Got to the folder where you extracted it and run "pioneer.exe".


Beware that there's no tutorial or anything, it pretty much just throws you into the game once you've chosen one of the two starting positions 🙂

Like everyone I expect that you'll crash the ship a few times to begin with, everyones done that!


To start with, don't run it fullscreen, that way you can alt-tab and checkout the links below 😉


To begin with there are a series of (slightly old) tutorials you can go through.

It's also worth having a link to the keyboard and mouse controls to use for reference.


Keep coming back here with any problems 🙂