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I have been lurking around in the background for a while now, but since I have actually spent a bit of time playing Pioneer over the last couple of nights, I thought it was time to pop in and say hello and congratulate all involved in recreating and improving on a game I spent sooo many hours playing when I was younger.

I am a developer myself so I decided to go with the GIT download as I would like to see if I could help out, but after flicking through some of the code, I think it is a bit (lot) over my head 😳

I have found a few bugs so far but I will test again with the new release before logging anything.

Have a virtual beer on me 🙂

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Hey Zordey,

Having checked out the git repository, you're all set - for more than just core coding!

I got started here with testing, and by being able to grab proposed bug fixes I can test them without the devs having to wait for a release. I've done a bit of code now, too, but that's not how I contribute in the main.

Glad to have you on board. I noticed you were on IRC earlier; I was working, otherwise I'd have waved. That's an excellent place to hang out.

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Hi Zordey

Welcome to the SSC 🙂

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welcome o/

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Welcome to SSC, the more developers the better. Always nice to get things fleshed out and new set of eyes looking at something 🙂