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Pioneer economic system

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Not in regards to whatever philosophy you believe in, but rather in regards to the original post. I don't see why Pioneer should deviate from the tried and true credit system. It worked fantastic for Frontier, and I see no reason whatsoever to switch things around in that regard. This is a GAME, not a future society simulator. I'd much rather the devs spend their time getting the game to a point where it rivals Frontier then trying to add all this other 'fluff'.

Not that I would completely dismiss your ideas. Rather, why not wait until the game is 'feature-complete' and then make a mod with this new age economy thingie.

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IronHound wrote:
This is a GAME, not a future society simulator.

If we really tried, it could be neither. (-:

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I can't see monetary trading systems dying out anytime soon. As far as I've read they've been around for over 2,000 years and haven't really changed much at all.

I suspect when we seriously start to explore the universe and set up the kind of links and networks demonstrated in pioneer trading will become more important than ever. People will still want to do things and they will need to motivate others or other things / machines to do those things for them. The only thing that would stop that is if we didn't want to do anything.

And if we've just started doing some serious exploration I can only see us getting more rather than less ambitious.

Economics wise I guess you want some semi stable system that forces prices down where resources are plentiful and up where they are rare irrespective of what those items are. It's difficult selling ice to eskimos but someone on a moon base might bankrupt themselves trying to get water.

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"...on a moon base might bankrupt themselves trying to get water."

Water? Beer! Water is used as fuel in 3200.

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