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no problem vuzz, i understand most humans.


i'm by myself a member of the armies of night, right?



c'mon a guy like me who occasionally hangs out at 5am (after work party) with whores?

not much i don't understand.



"and now for something complete different" 😉


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Hhhmmm  i pefer this version 


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certainly, but well a original is always the original.


no way to compare them, that's well fiddled.


intentionally i posted popcorn because i stumbled over it and someone* commented "ahead of it's time" (1969)

i replyed to him not so ahead of it's time.

the MOOG exists since the 50's (more or less) and Wendy Carlos recorded "switched on bach" together with the devs of MOOG in '68


some commented it's the beginning of:

Electronic Dance Music


House Music


less nitpicking, it's the beginning of electronic music,

not especially "popcorn", but the MOOG.


a MOOGie explained:


certainly this "toy" attracted a lot of musicians



*that someone even posted to a different clip the near to same comment that's why i had to make a joke about it, when i noticed he commented almost the same again.


but he was really a decade ahead of it's time, without any synthesizer except for his mouth.

enjoy the hippest soul brother from 1956:


you easy can see him as a predecessor to rock music,

besides of this track which was covered by many rock bands,

he had a crazy act in costumes and weared crazy hairdos, it was certainly ahead of the mid 50's

he wasn't very successful at beginning.

the rockbands which covered him gave him a little fame later in the mid sixties, also ppl was ready to listen to such "crap".


the longplay is from back then is entitled "Frenzy" and i can only recommend this album, he's really great.

to me he's the infamous and uncrowned godfather of soul.

james brown is a beginner compared to him, for me at least.



this boy here would be 18 now and was 4 (i guess) back then,


he's quite a talent and a cheeky one.



recently i lost myself in a analysis of clockwork orange


if you have some spare time, his movie analysis are very good


as a example a less serious ment one of him but sci-fi related one

(the other clips are serious and very informative, he made this as he said for the trolls on his channel)



one must respect that it's professional made (not especially the alien satire) and it's somewhat obvious he likes to earn money with most of his clips.

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Gernot, I have that Gershon Kingsley album! I got it as a present when it first came out. The nipple-flower cover looked as tacky then as it does now!


edit: After listening to Popcorn on YouTube, I saw "Mix - Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn" listed to the right. I've been listening to the 50+ songs in there, which are not all versions of Popcorn. I found two versions in there that I'd like to share. Aphex Twin sprinkles a liberal amount of salt on this batch.

If you prefer your Popcorn with hot butter,


Also, how do you folks display the YouTube previews in your posts? All I can do is what you see above.

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you got the single of that? makes me jealous.


however it is played it's a nice tune "don't you just love this song" (song? tune)


listened also to the version of a german synth artist?

he added apache (and a further tune, what's that? a jingle form a tv crime series?) to it.



aphex twins is great, but i guess far later, it sounds like samples

with acoustic guitar you never can go wrong (for my choice, i could listen night and day to it).


the YT clips should parse automatic, but you have to use the entry in the adress bar that it will work.


either the whole "strip" (quotation marks are only added not to let it get parsed or appear as link)



or without the playlist or whatever "&"



the result will be:


playlists unfortunatly doesn't work this way i tested this, because i would have liked to link the playlist of "Astrosmash"

one of my clips i didn't dare to show here, "Space C*nt" is on the limit for a post in a forum.

at least i guess, i wonder what the dev had in mind when he made the game, resp. changed the graphics.


if i made once one i will link a clip of "Space Shuttle" i guess you will like this incomplete game from '83,

at least i was freakin' out and thought "1983? wow" of course the graphics are compliant to the age, but the concept of the game totally convinces me.

i've read to "space shuttle" that they thought it would be to much simulation for a game, totally missed the point, it would have been outstanding for it's time.

if i would have owned such a game it would have sealed the lips of all who thought Intellivision is lame of some sort or Astrosmash is the maximum you can reach with it.

the problem was rather that first 16kB then 32kB later 48kB was the limit for a ROM back then.


"ground control to commander - warning space debris!"

sorta voice supported shuttle simulator, how far would that have been ahead of it's time?



i don't know maybe i posted this already (probably in a PM?)


let's find out who or where the "dark side" really is:



following is a little off topic, but it's such beautiful to watch that i have to share this:


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I don't have the single, I have the original LP.

I hadn't seen those videos. They were really cool.

Thanks for the tips. I tried an experimental post and got the same result. Just a link. I was inserting them as links. I fumbled around and accidentally pasted the URL directly into the post with this result. I've posted this before. Sorry.

Really sorry.

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can't remember that clip you posted marcel, well recently that boy IS IN A THERAPY, never mind - that's ok (yes, some knew it always gernot is a true lunatic 😉 ).


and you can imagine gernot already mixes all up there...

"what depression? - c'mon let's get funky"




"i've got the power" (listened to SNAP, to get over the "depression" that my computer was killed by a electro magnetical bomb, or else i have no explanation to what has happened,

few weeks ago i left for shopping and shut down the machine as usual...

returned switched it on and the "beep" was the very last response it gave, rebooted and nothing happened anymore, not even a "beep", just nothing, even the drive is damaged.

damned i lost everything, every model i made last summer (that's because my backup drive broke in fall last year, even strange, i was backing up "a few GBytes and someone must have let the smoke out of it, it wen't hotter and hotter and finally well finally "the smoke was out of it").


for a week i was really down before i thought "ok, you have to face it, dig out your old machine, which isn't a bad one only recently i have to work with a rotten old ATI hybrid gfx card

(a Radeon 9000 with incredible 64MB of gfx memory), the motherboard would have PCI express slot but my NVIDIA PCI express card won't work with a windows XP, it needs DX10 at least i assume,

physically it works but as soon as i install the drivers windows refuses to run.


but i will see the machine isn't the problem, i have some spare money for "special occasions" and will use it to buy me a new one (but certainly no cheap discounter machine anymore, now i know where the difference is between them) or at least to pimp my old machine, because she's so reliable, loud like a coffee grinder, but reliable (chassis ventilation, but keeps the CPU a cool head, somewhat around very healthy 40°C).


personally i assume the cheap "MEDION" died because of jealousy, because a week before i placed my old miggy beside it, that must be the real reason, it couldn't stand the competition.

past weeks and recently i'm still setting it up, phew, already reinstalling all the games and crap costs a lot of time, many won't run well with such a low specced gfx card,

but UAE doesn't minds much about that, fortunately.


yes, running obsolate XP, but if you register it as a industrial server you still get support up to 2019 from MS (needs just a small entry in the registry).

damned i even was able to register my old "works for windows", a few days it refused to register but after two weeks it did it automatically, i was really surprised.


on the other hand, ok no problems running old games, ha, ha, i guess it was needed to force my to reinstall XP on my old computer.


and well, personally i have a lot of fun with the old crap, yep i even bought my Intellivision just to play on the original hardware which is absolutely cool and now i know exactly why i decided back then

for the Intellivision, it was ahead of its time.


erm "nineteen fourty eight" that's ok (yes, the inty is somewhat older)



rythm is a dancer?




apart from all the hassle, i swear the music is 10 times better to listen from my old Soundblaster card as from the shitty 7.1 wishi-washi "built in" before, it never produced such a accurate stereo signal,

how could it without "discrete elements", that's simply not possible since "every amplifier oscillates" (and vice versa), amps need to be adjusted and a one chip soundcard you can't adjust.


further i can use the old "PC joystick" (which i showed you geraldine, simply "the joystick"), with the SB card and it's cool to use it for old games, i tried it for "NFS High Stakes" and wow it's very accurate, you can steer very softly, complete different to the small sticks on my PSX like dual stick with which you usually oversteer it's like using a digital pad and the wheels flap from max left to max right.

usually i dislike to accel - decelerate with the stick, but this stick works well to play a racing game in this way, you can accelerate very soft without to lead either to left or right side.

it's damned simple, just two var. resistors, a little sensitive to temperature, but overall not bad because the mechanic leads you in the four main directions, thus you don't slip to left or right or diagonal if you don't like to.


it's super cool to use it for MAME and gives a far better arcade feeling as the dual stick, also to play a emulated amiga game it's great to use it for.


new doesn't (always) equals to better!


i even found out that i need a old ball mouse, the optical crap isn't as good as they was, less precision and unsuitable to play Golf (i can't swing back proper, the game reads it as forward as well).



isn't that a (25year old) beauty?

that's technology!

industrial standard quality parts.


(besides that's "only" 5 MPixels, but can your i-phone make such quality shots? - no!

it's still the optical device which makes the picture, no 12 or more MPixels, filters and enhancements can replace a good lens and a clean prism.

that's how it looks for real and no postprocessing "bubble gum" colors)


something else,

anyone got a idea what a "glamour cap" is?



my imagination was this ->



or this ->




in fact

thats how they named the power switch in the service manual for the intellivision, "glamour cap"....




a "glamour cap" is a power switch!


anyone can have a power switch, but only the Intellivision offers you the unique "glamour cap".





now to your posts Cody,


erm i guess i'm "not allowed" to listen to that anymore 🙁


because if i listen to that i like to light up a single bomb,

it's a fact i'm in a therapy, no drug therapy, but i had to promise to stop using weed for the durance of the therapy.

a quite uncommon and hard decision for "potsmoke66", but it seems i need this help to get things straight again.


most might be in this because of depressions, but in my case it's vice versa, i need this to come down from my almost permanent euphoria, it can be hindering as well if it's to much.


sure i'm still allowed to listen and for sure i will listen to pig pens rap  🙂


to be honest, sometimes it thrills me even more when i'm sober, i have a feeling like i would be on a permanent LSD trip




everyday a high and music, well music..


was my first love!








if only this wouldn't have crossed my path...





ugh, sorry


RE-BOP! (baba)


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let's get heavy, let's get real heavy,

here comes the bullet headed saxon, you better run for cover 😉


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popa is cool - hm?


yeah i fell in love with him 15 years ago when i saw him for the first time, he's really super, unfortunately i missed the jam with nigel kennedy he had two years ago here in Rapperswil.

i missed nigel at all, even if i liked to see his gig, therefore my mother watched nigel & of course popa as well, i was listening to a soul diva and completely forgot time.


i guess popa likes small stages, if you check out his clips on YT you never see him playing on a big stage, even if in my opinion he could fascinate even a large crowd.

but i know some musicians prefere to play in clubs.

and certainly you can hear that he's trained by playing in clubs, he's a very versatile blueser and plays all from muddy waters to led zeppelin, soft to heavy.

i haven't the had chance again to hangout and talk with him like 15 years ago, it's quite not the same anymore, even he gained in popularity somewhat.

at this occasion back then he was huggin' me after the gig - "you dance well", thus contact was easy.

a year later i saw him at a small open-air leading a rockabilly band, at the same occasion i saw candy cane, "300 pounds of joy" 😉

a ex stripper, she decided once that she can do it as well (better!) as madonna, she's not grade AAA but she made it

she's a person you have to see, her positive character works only on stage.

"if there is something you always dreamed of to do - do it! never listen to your friends, just do it!"






marcel, remember the flash gordon animated movie i posted once?

have the complete tv series here:


imho not as good as the movie, not because of the style or craft that's ok, but because it leaks of the original message "seperate & destroy".

some stories, especially "fairy tales" can be told only once and it's finished, you can tell it new that's ok, but it's likewise one would make a sequel of

"the rabbit & the hedgehog" (better the rabbit and the "buxtehuder swinegel", a "swinegel" isn't simply a hedgehog, a "swinegel" is a lazy disorderly person,

it's a german idiom for "schweineigel" -> "dirty pig" or "so-and-so". the story which was collected by brothers grimm is a little different as told usually.

you have to imagine the rabbit as a very busy but also very proud (of himself) person, while the "swinegel", well he's just a "swinegel", a punk in modern terms and likes to enjoy the life and the sun.


literally: "...and the rabbit ran back and forth until the blood shot out of his neck"


we changed unfortunately a lot of the original fairy tales to a quite different message.

because it's NOT about being rich and famous, it's about exactly the contrary.


one i like best along with the "buxtehuder swinegel" is "der Fischer und seine Frau" (the fishermans wife).

he's saved the life of a halibut therefore the halibut gave him free wishes, as his wife recognized this, she wished first to be rich, but that wasn't enough,

she wasn't satisfied and she wished to be famous, but neither this  satisfied her,

she wished to be king, but that didn't satisfied her as well,

thus she wished to be like god...

which resulted in that they was as poor as at beginning of the story.


wishes usually don't end up well in grimms fairy tales, it tells exactly how shortsighted and eager we are.

in a different one god visited the ppl on earth as a traveller (a often told and well known story all over the world i guess),

as he came in front of the house of a rich man he asked for bread and a place to sleep.

the rich man said: "why should i give a beggar anything, leave my property"

thus god knocked on the door of the poor man, which opened his door immediatly welcomed him and said:

"i have not much to share, but what i have i will share with you"

next morning "the traveller" left and turned the poor mans house into a beautiful mansion.

the rich mans wife got jealous and told her husband

"why did you sended the traveler away, look what he has done to the poor man i want that to,

go follow the traveller and ask if he will give you a wish.

said & done, he followed the traveler on his horse and reached him soon.

god answered "why should i do you a favour? you sended me away"


"nonetheless, i will give you three wishes, but i don't think it will do you good, are you sure you liike that?"

"yes" answered the rich man and was already guessing of that he had to be carefully using this three wishes.

but as he rode home his horse eloped and he wished the that the horse might die, one wish was lost.

thus he had to take his saddle home on his own back and therefore he wished after a while:

"may my wife be punished for her jealousy and had to sit on this saddle never getting off it"

whish was thought and so it happened, his wife had to sit on the saddle at home and couldn't get off it.

as he reached home, his wife was still on the saddle and shouting, "what do you have done to me, won't you wish me off this saddle man"

"no" he said first, "i have only one wish left - just guess we could wish us all the gold in the world for it"

but finally he had to release her from this quite uncomfortable situation and lost his last wish as well that his horse was dead now.

thus he gained nothing just like "the traveller" told him "i don't think it will do you good"


thus it's to sad mostly only "cinderella" is told, it's just one fairy tale of many and it's also often told wrong

or with the wrong main focus.


yet another one i like much is the story about the "wolf and the fox"

the wolf made the fox to his slave, serving his insatiable stomache.

the fox liked for sure to get rid of this burden and thought about how he could manage this.

one day they went to a rich farmers stock (basement), but there was only a tiny window they could get in it.

the fox knew of the unsatiable stomache of the wolf, feeded himself but just as much though he could still slip out the tiny window.

while the wolf couldn't stop and eated until he was fat and heavy, he couldn't get out the window anymore and was locked in it.

he started to whine and lament that the fox has cheated on him which finally woke the farmer up and he killed the wolf.


when reading this fine collection of fairy tales, most will have such a moral, to get honored with gold or to be king or queen afterwards is only secondary,

this is only needed to tell they done the right thing.


"cinderella" is told in variations in the collection and personally i like "allerlei rauh" (all kinds of fur) best.

it's not as "glossy" as cinderella and also she had to win and test the young prince first, unlike in cinderella she's herself a princess already


erm wait before i make a mistake, this wiki article tells the story quite good

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Everybody's braggin', and drinkin' that wine,

I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines,

Come to daddy, on Inside Straight,

Well I got no chance of losin'... this time!

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Inside Straight, mmmm now where have I herd that before?

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oh, erm - wow and again phew it will take me a week to read it.

we have a poet amongst us, i'm amazed!


i usually understand the lyrics of this tune more transcendental...


(right phillip, "don't be that mystical all the time gernot")




it's a fine tune, i guess the one i like most and the rehearsal on PERRO with the cello in background i like best, should be more in foreground imho,

or even not you have to listen close to hear the cello at all since it's in perfect tune with the guitar.

when i heard the rehearsal for the first time i was remembered of my cousin, he first learned to play cello,

just for fun he once played a couple of beatles songs on the cello, apart from humming along with it i was fascinated of the sound of this instrument.

it fills the room without to be really loud, it goes into your bones, the vibrations tickle you.

if i remember that right it was quite hard to play for him, often he cursed on his cello.

but of course it was the cornerstone for his life, later he picked up a guitar but also started to learn

the art and craft of building wooden instruments, violas, what else.

it changed and he decided to play the drums for a while (which suits well for a thomas i guess).

finally he returned to the guitar and plays since a while rythm guitar in a swiss rock band.

he's not a extrovertive character and if you would see "zurich west" (*which is ment in fact as Bern) he keeps himself always a little (to much) in the back.


the cello has healing and restoring powers, there is a reason why a swiss doctor plays cello

he's known as "Beatocello"...


read yourself who he is,


*there exists in fact a quarter which is named "zurich west", i lived there for a while, it's the quarter around the large sports stadium,

of which i'm not little proud of that i was one of a couple of hundrets who builded it.

the reason for the bernese band to call themself "zurich west" was that... hmm

zurich is the monetairy capital or "secret capital" of switzerland,

further of course it's to expect that Bern once might become "zurich west"

or it is already only "zurich west" (?)

more, "zurich west" is in fact the quarter where the industrial workers lived

and it still has this character.


recently they are about to change this character, unfortunately i have to say, yeah seen from the pov of a "SimCity" mayor one would have to tear all down,

it's overaged and the value is on bottom, but dammit we don't live in "SimCity" 😉

besides in reality the problem isn't solved in this way, lower class will still exist,

in fact lower class is needed most to keep it alive, brokers might not recognize this but money doesn't grows on on trees.

and all the ants which work in a city are needed (much more as them are) and they also need a place to live.

they have a right to live in the city they keep alive and i grant you, you will kill a city in this way.

it's a complex organmism and also we need the unattented parts of our body

those parts when looked at through a microscope one guess they look dirty and ugly.

"ew what? those dirty animals live on/in my body?"


crime isn't simply solved with a bulldozer.

it's in fact highest in those quarters where no one lives anymore.

it's not highest in quiet zurich west neither in the medieval part even if it's perfect to hide, it's highest around "limmatplatz" where only the big banks reside

and at night it's dead and empty.

that's the safest place to do your illegal business, no one will watch you and you will see the cops heading from far.


Zurich might be the right place to listen to progressive techno, i like the club "zukunft" very much.

Bern is the home of many rock and roll bands

it suits, it reflects well the different temper, in Bern life is a little slower,

while Zurich is vibrant, dirty, money flows in masses and the ppl are under steady pressure.

you can't think of zurich without to think of banks and the sex business.


i like the little big city zurich, but i guess today not many look at it like i or "zarly carigiet" did.

zurichs sky was for sure for a while my home and for sure the "bellevue" was my bed.

it's sometimes still when i return early in the morning from spending a night at "zukunft"

then i sit on the lakeside and watch the sleeping city awakening (if im not hindered by the police- grrr!).

for about a hour zurich belongs to the broken ppl and the birds, a very special hour.

it won't last long and ends with the orange ants cleaning up the mess, by and by it changes and life returns,

workers drop in and soon later the first tourists flood the medieval part of zurich,

the cycle starts again and only money rules until next morning 4 to 5 am.

to some it's not to imagine you are not in zurich to make money or to look for cheap sex, that's weird.

in what sort of small world they live, sometimes it makes me sad guessing that this is all some can think of, rich or poor.

they will never see the city like i do.


it's very sad overall, right yesterday a friend told me of a suicide of a boy from the town i live now.

i liked him, i know and like his father as well and this really makes me sad.

and typically it was unsuspected, even to me, dammit, he always weared a smile...

now he's dead and it seems even caused by being classified (and this doesn't makes me sad, it makes me mad and running wild).

because he only attempted to suicide, he stabbed himself down, a horrible imagination.

he was taken to the hospital and there they made the mistake to leave him alone, as result he jumped out of the window.

thus one could say he was murdered, murdered by a two class system.

murdered because he didn't belonged to the upper class.


this shoudn't exist in switzerland, it doesn't belongs to my switzerland.


if i would tell this to my mother, the nurse, she will only shook her head, "impossible to leave a person in such a situatiion alone" (no matter if it's your foe).

what sort of nurses...

ah, they aren't nurses anymore.

and even i would have stayed awake if no one else would have done it, friend or foe, but in such a situation you don't leave a person alone.

but today a nurses day ends at 5 pm, that's the problem.


she (my mother) sometimes says to me "i don't understand why we had to scrub the floor on our knees"

not to long ago i answered her "because of that mother"

to serve without to ask whatfor you do it.

a character like her might haven't needed this drill, but not everybody feels born to serve.

apart from that i guess maybe some work at the wrong place, sorry.

better go and work with steel, steel is patient, you can't handle it wrong.

a piece of steel won't argue if driven with a hammer.

but well it's not comfortable to work with it neither you earn a lot of money with it (not anymore).

i could work 24h a day and wouldn't earn what a nurse earns today, maybe that's a problem as well.

you shouldn't do this because of a salary.

a nurses day shouldn't end at 5 pm, sorry but that's a fact.

besides, that's how i learned it 30 years ago, them are humans made of flesh and blood, no piece of steel.

they need you and you don't leave them alone with their fears.

i didn't did this because of a salary (it was shitty), the days was long and work was hard, a little to hard for me to be honest,

working on the construction site was a sneeze compared to that, my day ended at 5pm and that's in fact the reason why i changed my job.

i knew 5pm i can leave, saturday sunday i have my weekend, for sure.

but it wasn't this way in geriatrics, many weekend i offered, i had to.


when you are young and not 100% convinced that to serve will be your life, better leave it, it won't be the right job for you.

though here we are "that's why you had to scrub the floor on your knees mom, to seperate the chaff from the grain".


sounds antiquated, i know, but we can see the results.


such a suicide of a single unguilty person moved my godmother hildegard to change something in the city she lived, i single suicide.

"not acceptable"



(that suits, that's how i remeber her (the one on the very right side) , wow, that's a long long time ago, facing her and playing the guitar is hannes wader,

see potsmoke66, the spaceship engineer is in fact out of a family of folk freaks, ahthros and other weirdos, let's say i'm a little off course, sorta black sheep of the family,

nah, certainly not, "heartstopper" she used to call me. but it's sometimes also hard always to be measured (or measure yourself) at such famous ppl)


i guess we could use a little more "hildegard spirit"....

or better get a hairdresser (or plumber)


let's see if i find i nice clip of of "zurich west"


ok, you won't see the band here only the singer, but i like the clip and it fits thematically well to what i wrote above,



a short translation:

"someday luck will find a way back to you,

somewhere on some kitchen table.

someday it will smell again like home.

someone will step on something,

some door will open, maybe just a tiny bit.

somehow it just goes on.



righty right, as usual i left the trail, have phun



oh erm well i stumbled over this here,


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the cello has healing and restoring powers



Sounds like a cue for...




Oh yeah... if you're thinking of reading Inside Straight, you'd best read Coyote first.


When you're dealin' cards with Death

The Joker's wild, the Ace is high!

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bookmarked that,


i have a lot of spare time to read,

recently i'm reading, or started to read, "winter of the world" by ken follet, such books my mom hands to me, she reads a lot.

recently she's reading a book about the dead (the title i forgot) it's set in medieval when dead had more work to do as he could handle.

well ok, recently dead has again a lot of work to do i guess, i wonder, if it would be me i would strike, this goes to far.

when ppl die caused by a plague that's something mankind was and is still not responsible (except for the blindness to tell that it's a punishment by god) likewise for any catastrophe,

but if ppl die in a war we are responsible, if it's caused by religious extremism we are responsible even double.




i shouldn't forget to write down her biography, also my new therapist found that a good idea - "we might haven't lived in times of WW2, but at least we have the story from first hand".


ah yes, that reminds me of the progress in "seder masochism", i guess i showed already a clip or two of ninas progress in her new project,

one has to see this in context with "this land is my land" and "death of the first born egyptians" just to make sure that the message isn't pro-religion.

she's working now on (or worked out) the nine plagues, let's have a look at them,

(crazy, you open her blog a week later and something new is finished, it makes me feel very small, she's a workaholic)



let's see if vimeo works as well,


ahh, fine, that's good, it works


now to the plagues,

the egyptians are kept in the egypt tradition of that important persons or gods are usually bigger drawed as the rest,

very nice i like that, the book i own about egypt architecture and plastics is one of my favorites and influenced me much.

though you will have to forgive me but with this stuff nina hitted the right spot at me.



the frogs are cool, she presented the idea a month or two ago,

one was like it's to see with disorderly arranged frogs,

another one with the frogs orderly looking to me like marching frogs,

i commented that the marching ones look to me far more dangerous and i'm happy to see them marching at the very end of the clip.



now it gets funny, "the lice"



and again "insects everywhere"

the songs she selects are brillant



a rather short but endless scene



a extreme short one for beatles fans 😉



for seven and eight we will have to wait a little

thus here the final 9th plague

(nine, hmm, that's babylonian, not levantine, it's not a prime number as usual, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13...

but three times three has a meaning as well)



i hope you iliked it, i like her animations much and wait impatiently for the finished movie.


sorry for the unparsed clips, but i know after a certain amount they won't get parsed anymore, i would have to write a second post which isn't the idea.

i hope you watch them nonetheless.


once i told her that i script models, i guess two weeks later she made a scripted animation together with her friend,

it was also based on a second project of her, to learn to quilt, both she blended and the result was a scripted animation based on stiches.

(thema was the goats you see in the first clip i posted)


that's how she progresses...

it's a GIF anim made of 12 frames





who is nina after all?

that's nina as well 😉


Casey1-464x640.jpg  Casey2-499x640.jpg


Casey3-479x640.jpg  Casey4-455x640.jpg


Casey5-463x640.jpg  Casey6-473x640.jpg


Casey7-455x640.jpg  Casey8-452x640.jpg


it would be possible to download the comic in full resolution here,

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something i forgot,

thanks marcel,

no, i can't remember "the avalanches - frontier psychatrist"

it was great fun to watch

and i'm asking myself now should i play this clip once in our therapy group?


dunno if that would turn out well.

to be honest i feel a little displaced there,

i mean, i feel i leak of nothing except that i'm lazy as lazy can be.

the rest of our group has (seems to have) really heavy problems.

but if it has no else use at all, maybe i can help them to get over depression and self destructive feelings, in my very own way.

but well, my former therapist would have said there must be a reason for your lazyness.

personally i guess not really lazy, it's just i always need someone, if i have no one but myself to care about i do nothing.

i always need this kick in the ass.

and i'm not sure if it really will help me to get over this.

on the other hand, honestly, sometimes i ask myself "how far are the problems of my fellows only a play?"

i mean as long as you say "i don't feel well" you can stay in therapy and you don't have to work etc.

on the other hand yes how far is my "i feel well" only a play?

but does that really matter?

you do feel well if you pretend to and vice versa as well (up to a certain limit? i'm not sure, i never was, usually i would say it's self fulfilling).

but overall it's not a bad thing, i like the many creative things we do and if that helps me to recognize myself better then it's worth the try.

if i get just a little more convinced of myself, then it reached the goal i have.


though, how useful is such a therapy at all?

i mean facing the fact that each knows that therapy ends if he would say "i feel well",

isn't the danger high you lie then to yourself?

because we are all lazy, i mean all mankind.

how far would one go to keep this up?

even up to selfdestructive acting?

why not?

i can imagine that well.

also you get rid of responsability for your acting in this way, of which i'm not sure if that is good (it's not).


well i know i'm a rude guy and i remember well that i told a former friend that her depression doesn't exists for me.

on which she reacted a bit wild and tried to explain me that this is a problem she is born with...




i still don't believe that.


i still believe it's pretending.


but maybe i took to much artificial and natural




and similar things.


thus in fact i'm the one who is really out of mind.




a final word to "seder masochism"

i guess it will turn out far better as "sita sings the blues"

it will be a work of her own, with a story she investigated from her own pov.

it's about her own tribe and what she thinks the mistake was and is behind monotheism.

about a god who is, if looked at close, mercyless and a egomaniac.

and that this caused far more suffering as it has gave birth to good things.


somone i also follow is this dude, he's a quite good artist and you can't see this by his simple animations, but watch this one,

he breaks for once the tabu not to depict mohammed and it's a hammer picture,

Bin Laden cutting the throat of Mohammed, it's his answer to the question if he fears revenge because usually he censores Mohammed in his animations.

no he don't fears that, it's part of the satire as well to censor him.





jeffrey always have such "good ideas"



after all i shouldn't forget, it's all about music (it's a remake, i know, but the clip is far better as the original one),




personally i have a clip in mind for this tune, a comrade inspired me to that,

he said "everyones a winner - isn't it fact that even one with down syndrom is a winner? even the sperm who was responsible for his life was a winner, though he's a winner as well"

"right" i said.

"everyones a winner!"

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I love Seder Masochism. I've got to bookmark her stuff. That's as far as I got in you post thus far. If you play Frontier Psychiatrist to your group, they may decide that you're too crazy to be there. 😉

As for your troubles, you may be the only person in your group who actually has a clue about where you are in the universe and how unimportant we all actually are. You are a collection of molecules that has momentarily gathered together to become you. That in itself is a miracle! This whole thing may be pointless except for the fact that we are here to perceive it.

Perhaps you should play these songs to your group instead.


edit: I just realized that Frontier Psychiatrist is FRONTIER Psychiatrist.

"Commander Jameson, Lie down on the couch."

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Here is one a certain Moderator (and others) may like



Lets have some music in here, Boiler

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i think...

now i think,

we are the craziest bunch here on SSC


sounds like monty pythons meaning of life  "...You are a collection of molecules that has momentarily gathered together to become you..."


interesting, i will have to watch this




I just realized that Frontier Psychiatrist is FRONTIER Psychiatrist.

"Commander Jameson, Lie down on the couch."



how small this globe is.


i wasn't sure, my first imagination was this, then i thought "this can't be" (frontier isn't that important or not everything is about frontier), thus i looked at it more like

"at frontier of perception"

now you come along and...

say "cmdr Jameson, lie down on the couch"


well cmdr. jameson sat on the couch and it's hard to stop him babbling.


(now i'm asking myself if i really shouldn't restart from point 0, a lot has been left unattended and still i think we lost something,

got stucked in details which doesn't reflect the essence.

while i was rebuilding my machines content, because i lost near to all, by downloading even some of my own files,

i stumbled over certain things i made of which i thought "you must have been out of your mind, all this you made only because of frontier"

and i don't mean my models by this, more all the collected data and such things.

further i do started to play Frontier again, Pioneer i can't run in the recent state it is on my 15year old machine with a 64MB gfx card,

original Pioneer, without all the postprocessing will work though)


and isn't such as cool as "the top most modern game"?

32KB! (i guess, maybe only 24 or 16)

packed with a lot of fantasy and humor.

already only to watch it lets me smile.

"left turn only" - i said: "left turn only!", to sad all copies of it are already sold (sniff)

Joe is a cool dude and i wish i could work in any project with someone like him.


it's something quite different, but nonetheless i would say that's the difference.

this stuff has a heartbeat even if it's a "simple" game on a simple old machine (but what stands on the right of my desk worthes ten times more as the one i lost a few weeks ago).


i hope i can manage to buy me a copy of "Defender of the Crown" (while this is a release from a different dev.) for the Intellivision, it's super cool that i own the original hardware again.


and i made me already some friends there,

i hacked a few sports games, i.e. Soccer down from 2x45 min. to 2x15min,

the expectations of some are high and they like to see, "different colors" "speed up time" and whatever (most exceeds my capabilities)


Elite for the Intellivsion?

i have no idea if such would work,

Elite on 32KB? it would be something different.

but in priciples if you don't care to much about graphics, it should be possible.

games like "King of the Mountain" show that a complex market is possible, you need to buy the proper reserves for your trip in the mountains

this differes not much from the market in Frontier, you buy and sell goods, pick up reserves for the flight, that's not much different.

with very little machine code it's possible to draw a spinning globe, the physics will need very little code (to land you might have to forgo, but i don't know, maybe with a cut-scene like in "space shuttle").

to generate systems is not far from generating mazes.

missions would be the most expensive thing i guess, but Frontier doesn't have much really different missions.

also here one must think about to generate them instead to have hard coded missions.


but before i think about such i let myself bushy "asimov style" sideburns grow, this i promised myself 🙂

it will look hammer cool


at least that was already a good brainstorming, i wonder what joe thinks if such would be possible, by restriction of the many models, i feel three or four different ships will work already

and they don't have to be real 3D, while if you look at a old game like (pause - i can't run MESS and firefox at once, resp. i have to reset my machine first)

ok - here we go 😉

"Blockade Runner" shows that a acceptable view from within a ship is possible,




when playing and controlling your ship you actually see the thruster flames!


i also like the original box cover very much, it has some "Flash Gordon" style (don't ask me why this guy has to be naked, it's just sexy, for once the guy and not the girl

and maybe the reason is "Interphase" was a canadian brand)


[attachment=3032:Blockade Runner (1983) (Interphase).jpg]


besides "Blockade Runner" is a cool game and really not easy (this i will have to get me on a cartridge, like by and by any of the space games which was released for the Intellivision, good ones and bad ones, to sad i managed to lose my old cartridges, "Star Strike" i would have had three times.

the only game from the "Arcade line" Vectron, i miss much, it was my favorite game and it's only to play good with the rotten Disc

but there are a lot of collectors on "Atari Age" and they are all very kind, i received already a game for free 🙂

"Demon Attack", my very first "Imagic" game incl. overlays (reprints) and booklet (original) from one.

shipping costs $10! worth of content $1 (grin), but to me it worthes a $100, i never could buy such a game here, it would have been possible to buy most Mattel games but not games from third parties.

the only one* who sold such here was a black market importer i had a adress of back then, but also he closed business around '83/'84.

"Donkey Kong", "Venture" and "Tutankham" (while "DK" was a shitty loveless made release (but it seems as good as what coleco released for colecovision and somehwat better as the version for the Atari2600), Venture is almost like the Arcade game and Parker releases (Tutankham) i guess was overall good) i ordered back then from there for a third part of the official price, still i'm sure he made a good business, i know in HK such a cartridge was to get for $5 and Intellivision Cartridges don't differ for the various TV systems like Nintendo or SEGA later.

*Interdiscount a swiss electronics discounter sold some Intellivision games for a while, but Interdiscount has a strange strategy, they buy maybe a couple of something and you can be happy to grab some, it's not reliable. He really is imo also responsible for the downfall of the CD32 here, he sold the console far under the official price, due to a reverse import from GB, but never sold a single game for it, how stupid, you sell a console but sell no games, that won't workout well.


CD32, the few released games was good, i digged them out to see which of them will run emulated in which way and do recognized "they was really good!"

a short listing of what i own besides of the bundles,

Diggers (i always liked it, even if it has some leaks, like that there is no real use for the railroad tracks or the lift, it's a concept i could imagine well for a re-reölease as two player game,

personally i like it much better as the hailed Lemmings, the pressure isn't that high) / Oscar (so so la la), Dangerous Streets (i never liked this genre) / Wing Commander (a release of a old classic, nothing typical CD32)

top on the list is "Microcosm" it was outraking for this time and i'm sure you will get today the same adrenaline kick out of it as back then.

"Alfred Chicken" isn't to underestimate and the CD32 release is by far the best one.

a personal favorite "Global Effect" i still like this not to solve/win game, you can only lose better, very educating stuff.

"Humans" was certainly good, but it doesn't differs from releases on other platforms.

"Zool 2", that's sad, i have enourmous problems to run this emulated (except for the hacked version which is downloadable but it leaks of the CD music), a really good junp&run game

"Wendetta 2175" that's a game for Gernötli, it runs also well on a standard A1200/A4000, no special CD loader or other shit, slight problems with the emulation though (somethings weird with the players setup and i can't start it in single player mode). on this game would a "parental advisatory" belong, it's not completely "jugendfrei" what you see when you won the game (a slideshow of naked women, but hmm... someone has to win the game first to see that, italians what shall i say, but far more symphatic to me as "baby sex", they are grown up women, which certainly would give certain guys problems).

"Super Skidmarks", i liked it, a cool CD with some extra rock music by a australian "no name" band on it (you had to put the CD in a common player to hear them, freaky. that's the real way to handle it if a game doesn't fills a whole CD, give some extra easter egg gimmick to the customer)


what the heck is this (enlarge to read the CD title)?


(i rembered it as Skidmarks, but it's in fact the CD title of "Humans", Humans works pretty well emulated incl. the cool soundtrack. Humans do rock!

somewhat surprising and i see now i have to investigate more, it's as well common CD audio tracks, but for most games the emulator refuses to play them back, image or real CD (why?), the image of Humans works flawless as i recognize now.

i.e. for "Alfred Chicken" which else runs fine on a standard A1200/A4000 and emulated as well)


Finally i made the "mistake" back then to buy me "Mean Arenas", not that the game is bad, but it would fit on a standard HD floppy!

and for such i payed the full price of a CD-ROM, not quite fair i would say, it's a common rather mediacre A1200 game.


yeah ok you can argue now that "Frontier CD32" is pretty the same, ok, for Frontier i'm willing to close both eyes (and a third one to).

at least you had this special "New ZZ1 Navigation Aid" ;), c'mon it's Frontier!

but to be honest, the music in CDDA format played by some orchestra wouldn't have been expected to much, hm?

else it's a good even though a bit sloppy re-release, what i like is the extra glitch which is possible with the nonvolatile RAM.

you can finish incomplete late arrived missions due to that, thus contracts to "Alpha Centauri" are easy possible to complete.

just save to "internal memory" after you jumped into the system, arrive late and reload from nonvolatile RAM, mission complete, fine.



i'm proud to see the "ladybug - ladybird", it lets me smile.




yep, you, marcel, this "certain undisclosed" moderator and me will for sure like that song.




let's see how shiny the old machine could be (i hope i'm soon ready to show it running from a real A500, needs only a few actions with the soldering iron to get it displayed on the shitty TV i own

yet another pause needed, i guess it will be problematic nonetheless with my shitty gfx card, the sound leaks enormously as i recognized.


ha, ha, ha - this will take me some time to get it working, wow, a 15 year old machine for the gfx card, the motherboard is "only" about 10 years old, but damned how did i worked with such?




a great experience!


real retro feeling 🙂

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i'm really laughiing my ass off, it's so rediculous to work with this machine, it works and for many games it's still good enough, but to make video captures it's totally unsuitable.

but i don't take that to serious.

1st i'm happy to have a working computer at all

2nd i have some spare money like i said and a new motherboard will be what i will gift to myself soon.


on the other hand, it works and this machine works maybe slow especially the old radeon 9000, but the computer itself works reliable, i'm not in a hurry to buy me a new one.

i have a floppy drive, who of you has still a floppy build in his machine?

2.0 GHz (of a maximum of 2.4, it doesn't runs on full speed, pops, he never liked to stress his CPU, usually set the rate a little lower therefore you can set voltage a little higher, it gets more reliable and lives longer, a good technician always leaves some % of reserve) and 2GB RAM aren't the most best thing you can get, but it isn't as bad, at least it would be sad to trash this fine motherboard.

it's really something different compared to the MEDION which ran out of smoke.

40 - 45°C are really healthy for a CPU, others might run on above 50°C (close to 60°C for the medion which... yeah which ran out of smoke, no wonder if only looked a t this).

and it's true the 0.4GHz difference you won't feel for real, but like a beetle it runs and runs and runs... and 10 years ago this was quite good enough, it leaks like i said fremost of a good gfx card,

the one i owned with this machine quitted service once and the new one like i said refuses to work as soon as i install the drivers for it.

the only ones i have in stock are a radeon 9000 and 8000, also a even somewhat older cheap Geforce with 32MB ram and a even older ATI rage, which is so tiny that i ask myself if it's a gfx card at all,

it doesn't even has a cooling device, if i look at my liquid cooled geforce, that's only one big beefy cooling device, ceratainly it's damned sad it didnt' works, mostly i guess because of the XP drivers,

else it would be to think about to buy nothing really new.

if you open this tower (and it is a tower, not only midi) it's filled to the rim with nice reliable parts and a tohouwabohou of cables (mostly because of the power supply, for HD's CD's floppies, more then one, theoretically i could power 4 floppies, 4 HD's and 2 CDROM, power for card readers as well, yep everything is doubled probably this and that else drive or device), it usually takes me only half a hour to see through this.

but everything looks so solid state, that's what i like at it.

still i hold two different old motherboards and a second chassis, once i had the idea to build me a multimediaplayer from one, but i never started this project.


ahh, i know some say old computers are only good for the trash, but i find it hard to throw something like that away if it's not broken.

and fortunately i haven't, else i would have no computer now and a old computer is still slightly better as no computer.


now i have to wait 2hrs until the clip is uploaded, still this needs the most time.


didn't took as long as expected, resp. it has gettin' quite late (and i should sleep already)


after watching this clip perhaps someone likes to have such a pimped Amiga game to run on a emulator, just tell it.

i would have a pimped

SimCity Deluxe

(besides of a complete collection of SimCity Classic for DOS AND Windows, yes SC classic for windows (the finished installed version will even run on a Win7), plus a rather rare (but downloadable) SimCity CDROM enhanced version (works with DOSBox), it's a really cool SC classic with some cheesy vids, a must see imo.

catastrophes or other events are accompained by clips, such as if a flooding occures you will see a news reporter in a raincoat while someone is splashing buckets of water on her, very funny. or a completely desperate technician if you have a brownout, shouting at you "build a new power plant!". first road you build a dude with italian accent will tell you what roads are good for. also you get rewarded with clips if you reach certain marks like first 10'000 citizens or such. vids and music is installed to hd though no CD image is needed to run it.

since MAXIS is dead now (and the old maxis is dead since long) this nostalgia is worth to have a look at to see what the difference was.


Frontier of course, i still hold a hacked DOS version with a unleashed Lynx, you can buy it if you have the right money.


Lords of The Realm, both DOS and AMIGA versions, either england or german map, the german map is playable in french as well. you will receive some personal strategy hints from me as well to get more thrill out of the game.


Colonial Conquest II (final version), only for the AMIGA, this is a favorite round based strategy of mine, one of the best PD games imo. you receive maps which i created myself, some i made with a hex editor long time ago, some i made later with the contained editor.


Ports of Call, both DOS & AMIGA which isn't really abandonware but you don't have to tell it to nobody 😉 and i don't mind, they must be crazy to hold this old game back,

you can buy a complete new version from the developers which makes much more sense as to pay just a single $ for the old one.

two players can have a lot of fun with this game.


most will come with either own scanned PDF manuals or i downloaded the stuff (my scanner works with my old machine).


Space1889, i really like this classic steam punk role playing game, DOS and AMIGA version with fixes, AMIGA as you see with a cool "launch bench" and self made maps for Mars and Venus (Mercury i lost over the years), if you like you can have the hacked kickstart ROM as well, UAE will argue but run with it, purpose is only to show "HAL1889" instead of "AMIGA OS", i found a tool to fix the checksum of a altered kickstart, i will have to try this once.


that's until now more or less all which runs for the AMIGA versions from a own little customized workbench.


inclusive for sure the "Workbench Lander", if you a re really bored this is a possible alternative to a real game.


if i find all the needed ROM images needed to run a AMIGA in MESS i will keep you informed, it could be interesting,

MESS is a very exact emulator.

what i get out of it for the Intellivision is with a few exclusions better as what i get out of JZINTV (joe's intellivision emulator, joe the joe from "left turn only" also developer of the CP-1600 SDK and frank who is senior developer of MESS, i didn't knew that until now, worked together on MESS until joe concentrated on his CP-1600 SDK, without this no new game for the Intellivision would have seen the daylight).


"closeup" of a Intellivision 😉



some classics,

the CP-1610 16bit processor and

the AY-3-8914 sound chip which is responsible for the typical 3 channel sound of the intellivision

all those "swoosh" and "chrrr" and "brrr" and also the "yer out" (originally used for major league baseball, yes i know it sounds more like a frogs "croak") which is to hear in "Astrosmash's" music


they never synthesized voice again with it, because of not to compete with the Intellivoice module.

it can't compete, i neither knew this, the voices was prerecorded and some quite famous comedians gave their voice to certain games.

i.e. for "Bee seventeeen bombrrr"


this is the next thing i have to get me, i saw one from france on E-bay who sold the module plus the three games for €70, which is easy worth the module and the games.


i really would like to play the original hardware over a server, that would be a clue, but there is a major problem, european and US consoles don't work at the same speed because of the different power grid frequency.

thus one would have first to alter the european hardware to have a synced speed, if that works at all, i see large problems if the speed depends on the grid, because this is never accurate.

a rather cheap solution my daddy would have said, a quartz would have been far better as to multiply the grid frequency.

and i wonder now why they decided back then for this cheap solution, it wouldn't have been much more expensive in the end i guess.

yeah of course it wasn't needed, but hmm... exactly that's the difference, needed or not i guess daddy would have prefered the quartz nonetheless,

that has never mattered to him, the optimum has mattered.


besides that's why you never get real seconds for the Intellivision, you can only get more or less close to real seconds.


thus in fact if i play a "Astrosmash" (any game) at maximum speed it's only 0.8333.... of the US speed.

which is a large difference for a game like Astrosmash in the end.


for skiing this is also a lot, at maximum hardness (slope) i still can play well skiing on my console, if i play it emulated which reflects the US speed

it's a tiny bit to fast to react on the obstacles.

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back to topic,



ung bitte gsäng das nüd so äng,

will mi-i-ir si vo bärn drum hei mir der rock änd roll so gärn.



finally R.I.P. MAXIS


i guess that was the last clip i uploaded to YT, the sound isn't out of sync on the original clip.

i will see how it ends up on vimeo, which i find anyway at all more symphatic as YT.

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Anybody else like Laurie Anderson? I'm in love with her myself. I've seen her live a few times. Everything of hers on YouTube seems to be part of a playlist. I'm sorry but you might enjoy the rest of the playlists too.  Here's a couple of my favorites. It doesn't get much spacier than the first one.

Here's a live performance I found while searching for the above songs.

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you gained i like from me for this marcel, even if the music doesn't reflects my recent mood clean i'm under high voltage mostly.

i did't know laurie anderson to well


yes - i guess i like all three... especially the live performed one convinces me, also i like the second one well, it reminds me somewhat of "the Nits" (before they had a hit with "dutch mountains")

it's foremost the minimalistic sound.


(besides the clip turned out well on vimeo, but it seems they have heavy restrictions to what one is allowed to upload, i didn't think that a sort of game review will be a problem,

but if you would take the restrictions litarally then it's not what they like to see on vimeo)


did i said "cheesy vids"? (in SimCity enhanced)

i was wrong at least for matters of pollution, these three clips surprised me,

what has happened to "us" that we in 21th century doesn't mind anymore so much about that that,

do "we" think the problem has solved itself with the change of the millenium or what?

(yes i'm aware that such "advertises" are stiil produced, but i feel ppl spend no more attention to it, also in which game do we ever saw such?

i already always liked the "recycle or die" i FFE, of course you don't have to guess to far on a hostile planet/moon there is no getting around recycling,

we will see this if MarsOne ever will become reality.

how much does it needs that we can understand our own mother earth in the same way?

that resources are limited and future pollution is a problem of today?)


however the clips are good and reflect a different time - no we haven't solved the problem - no we don't need a expert to solve this problem 🙂

we need each of us to solve THIS problem.



some yellowish clouds, dirty water and a couple of scared animals (SC4) aren't as impressive to me as this is.

i guess because "it's only a game", actors, real humans leave a different (bad) taste in my mouth.

funny is this happens each time you click on the pollution map (i assume even if you haven't builded anything yet).



yeah, why not a clip or two of the Nits if i find something which i like much of them,


cool i found a couple of old Nits songs,






in my opinion they never reached this short pointed sound again, it has getting (far) to soft, to much mainstream and honey-sweet afterwards, to less progressive.

when i bought "tent" & "new flat" beginning of the nineties i didn't liked the music to much (it was a special offer that's why i bought them at all, both records was already "old" then),

but after listening more often to it i started to really like it.


sure they had far more commercial succes with the later sound, but it sounds to me a little boring (while yes i know one would say this almost monotone sound is boring,

that's what even i felt until i recognized that it's really good)


after listening to the live performance i have to say "it's a studio band", i mean they play live well, but the studio records sound better tempered.

tracks like "zebra" (which is build simply on the "tick tock" of netherlands light signals to guide blind ppl crossing the street, we haven't such in switzerland, but it's clever, if you hear the "tick tock" you know you can walk) i didn't found, but to me it's one of the best, i like them best when it's really minimalistic but you can still hear that it's composed well.

zebra is like i said build on that sound and the whole track reflects this "tick tock" - "black white" - "stop, walk".

i guess i will upload it, i miss this one on YT.

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i think...

now i think,

we are the craziest bunch here on SSC

I present this evidence to support your assertion.

edit: Here's another piece of evidence. I can no longer hear this song without thinking of this skit. These people ruined this song for me for the rest of my life, so now I will do that for you.

Carol Burnett is a childhood favourite of mine. I don't know how many of you folks around the planet and of different ages are familiar with her TV show. Here's another skit. It's probably off-topic because it's not music. Well there's a bit of background music.

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