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Team members wanted!

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Let's nail it down, we have one dude working with the face generation of blender already, some more which are even interested in altering the avatars and a veteran who resurrected from the grave.

Let's build a small team to fulfill this task, i think the 2D avatars are very well and the random system they are put together is also well and very FE2-ish.

The idea is obvious, create some faces with i.e. blenders parametric face generation (and some control rooms).
render the tard and use the renderings for the snippets to build avatars in pioneers way.

i don't like to start this alone, also i'm very busy with "phoenix" and the "shitty" LMR additionally FFED3D leaks of tons of models. Further i'm not everyday present in web, i'm not the dude who could lead this team but i would like to participate.

take this as invitation also for the nube's.
i can guess already who could lead this small team, thus answer here if you have interest in participating.

if we have a small team we can start to care about certain parameters we must keep, skin colors, camara angle, field of view (recently i guess of orthogonal, this would make it a lot easier i guess, but i guess it doesn't have to be a plain front facing view, we could use an angle if we all use the same), lighting, at least all this must be kept so that the participants output will be compatible.

maybe (but just maybe) we can even achieve a system which let's us tile the snippets before or while we render the models, that would be fine because we wouldn't have to care then about the 2D CGI work much and the snippets would be output by pressing of a button.

if we can automate it we would be able to produce tons of snippets for new avatars. the once setup blender scene is interchangeable, easy that once this is reached all will use the same parameters for materials, camera and lighting. if we can even create a uniform way to tile the renderings while or after, if the renderings would be 100% identical in size it could be done with GIMP and a macro. also this would be fine, import the rendering to gimp -> call up macro -> the snippets are ready to use.