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Do you support research into eugenics? What about the application of eugenics in society?

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Any genetic research can lead you to serious morality issues.

Imagine doctors find a way to identify what causes Alzheimers, which could be treated early on in pregnancy with gene therapy.

Now imagine they could identify whether your child would be homosexual. Or how tall necrotic be. Or how long he would live.....

Such treatments would likely be very expensive and the result of such research would further split society into, taking it to its ultimate extremes, the poor, ugly, short lived folks and the rich, beautiful, long lived folks.

You could argue we aren't too far from that now. But the situation would be far worse.

If you are at the worse end of society, insurers could use your future medical complications against you. Who would insure someone who would be genetically predisposed to some major health complication such as cancer or some r condition likely to require long term care?