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peace keeping

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Which country (or supranational entity, such as the EU) has been involved in the more peace keeping and humanitarian intervention campaigns: the United States, European Union, (Communist) China, Russia, or India. Let's list and compare the missions they each participated in, and we'll see which country (or in the EU's case, supranational entity) has participated in the most peace keeping and humanitarian intervention campaigns.

Europe has participated in 16 humanitarian campaigns since 2002. I'm not sure how many America or the other countries have participated in. Examples of peace keeping and humanitarian campaigns are Operation Power Pack, Operation Noble Anvil, Operation Uphold Democracy, Operation Provide Comfort, Operation Restore Hope, and others. They are typically small military campaigns with the sole purpose of keeping the peace and/or protecting civilian lives. For the purposes of this debate, lets not include the War on Terrorism (Iraq and Afghanistan). For the purposes of this debate, let's primarily use peace keeping and humanitarian missions from the past 20 years or so, say 1990 to present.

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This is really not a relevant post or just needs to done a different way, because all of these poll options but one is on the UN security counsel and all the countries are members of the UN. So as long as the UN force is made up of all the countries peace keepers than all the countries are generally involved with most of the peace keeping efforts.