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Socialized College

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Should colleges and universities be "free" for everyone to attend, where everyone has to pay higher taxes? Educational institutions wouldn't let people focus on a particular field of study but instead get a general education, and the quality of education is significantly lower, however now anyone can attend any college for "free".

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I agree with Aero. You want to know that this person is in the position they are in because they are good and not some sub-par student. When you are talking life/death procedures do you really want to have the thought in your head about how this person did in medical school :). Sub-par doctors get weeded out in the USA hospitals because mistakes, lawsuits and complaints that will usually get them dismissed from certain positions.

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In my opinion, it's all about balance.

Letting everyone take a degree can be a problem because it can lead to a problem where we get an abundance of college graduates where there aren't enough jobs to go around, and they still refuse to take any lower jobs because of their education, leading to a mismatching on the employment market.

At the same time, I do believe it is important to give low-income people the chance to at least get some backing to apply for colleges etc, since just because one comes from a poor family doesn't have to mean one is intellectually inferior.

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Hi people,

sorry to bother you, Chill and Aero, but what makes you so sure that socialized colleges would lead to a lower education, make the average Joe become a doctor and so on? Where is the proof? Even sozialized colleges will have their minimum grades and tests a student has to get and to pass before a graduation is possible. In many states, e. g. Sweden or Finland, the colleges and universities are free for everyone, and especially finland was on first places at the international PISA test (see here: ... Assessment). And I do not hear Swedish or Finnish people complaining about their medical system or unqualified doctors, same with Great Britain, although the British medical system is run by the state.

I do agree with Gargantou, I believe it is important to give anyone the chance to apply for a higher education, regardless of ones financial status. I also hope that we will finally reach the "STAR TREK model" where it does not matter what you income is, your origin or your religion, but where you can learn what you want to get the best qualification you want. There is still a lot to research and explore before we will be there, and hopefully we will master this by knowledge cooperation of our best students. Let's give them a chance :).